A Quick 30 Miscues

I don’t feel like posting any nooze today. It’s what’s out there–the usual mix of sex-bots, transgenders, insane public policies, ranging from the out-and-out disgusting to the merely preposterous. As long as I’ve got to live with preposterous, I’d at least like it to be funny.

Like the, um, questionable decisions that went into the creation of the snafus on this video. I like the decoration on the catering van best. I mean, if that doesn’t pep up your appetite, what will?

On the bright side: the idiots responsible for these embarrassments have no time to run for public office.

4 comments on “A Quick 30 Miscues

  1. LOL. The video in the book reminds me of congress. It says it’s going to show us what it’s doing, but it doesn’t let us see it.

    1. “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it!” –Pelosi on Obamacare (unless it was Lucretia Borgia on assorted poisons)

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