‘Does God Use the Lesser of Two Evils to Advance His Kingdom?’

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This is a thought-provoking essay by missionary Roger Oliver, published this week on the Chalcedon blog:


Before we know it another presidential election campaign will be upon us–actually, it’s already started–pitting President Donald Trump against some socialist wack-job put up by the Democrats. And once again we’ll be hearing from “the Righteous Candidate or nobody!” crowd.

Consider King Cyrus, founder of the Persian Empire, whom God through Isaiah called His “anointed.” Cyrus was not a Jew, not a believer, but God raised him up to greatness; and he served God by restoring the Jews to their homeland and commanding the rebuilding of the Temple. I’m not the only one who sees a bit of Cyrus in our current president.

Cyrus had his faults. He developed a bad cases of conqueror’s syndrome, and at the end it got the better of him. Reaching for too much, he lost all–even his life. But his service to God lived on after him.

I was going to vote for Trump in any event, given the alternative. But I’m very glad I cast that vote–and I don’t think many people truly appreciate what God spared our country when he raised this man to be our president.

I don’t call him God’s anointed. Donald Trump makes no such pretensions. “[T]hat,” writes Mr. Oliver, “distinguishes Donald Trump from his predecessor.”

And how!

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  1. A lot of people forget that many significant characters of the Bible were not necessarily believers. Even Nebuchadnezzar was used to bring Judea into Babylon, as punishment for their unfaithfulness. Now Nebuchadnezzar was by no means a worshipper of the True God and it is unlikely that he was a righteous man, but God used him.

    I don’t believe that Trump is an evil man and he seems to recognize that there is a Higher Power. I don’t expect our leaders to believe as I do, but I am pleased if they realize that there is a Living God that created all.

    1. Greater men than he have been humbled by Jehovah. Hitler ended up living in a bunker, underground and eventually killed himself. Hussein ended up living in a pit, basically a bargain basement bunker, and he ended up being executed. Nebuchadnezzar got to spend “seven times” in madness, living like a beast, just to remind him that he wasn’t THAT great. I have to answer for my deeds; I can think of more than a few politicians who might have to resort to tap dancing when their turn comes.

    2. Obama out-and-out gave me the creeps. “The One.” The Newsweak cover with the halo. And he’s gonna make the sea levels go down. If he can ever learn how to pronounce “corpsman.” But then liberals always make idols out of Democrat politicians. It’s their pseudo-religion.

  2. My reaction to him was similar also. Actually, I became nauseas when I
    saw him or thought of him. I know Mr. Trump is far from perfect (and who of us can claim that attribute), but I do believe he is sincere, does want to benefit this country, and is NOT a politician. That is a great plus in my opinion.

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