What’s with the Doctors?

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My wife needs medical treatment; but before you can get it, you’ve got to have a diagnosis. And that’s just what she hasn’t been able to get! Half a dozen tests, half a dozen lab reports, half a dozen visits to the doctor–and no diagnosis, no treatment plan. Just a lot of wasted time and money, and endless frustration.

We thought it might be just our doctor; but we have since heard from others (including Erlene, right here on this forum) that their doctors seem strangely averse to offering a diagnosis. And then, going online, we find the problem widespread throughout the country–you just can’t get a diagnosis! For example:


Go ahead. Search “Why won’t doctors diagnose” this or that disease? You’ll get so many hits, it’ll make your head spin.

Some of us are old enough to remember how, when you got sick, the doctor would come to your home (Doh! Really? The doctor came to see you?), looked you over carefully (pulse, stethoscope, eyes and ears, feel your joints), asked you what you were feeling–and then told you what was wrong with you, and what to do about it! And most of the time, he was right. That’s because doctors had plenty of experience, and because they knew how to listen to their patients. They didn’t just rely on tests and lab reports.

Something screwy’s going on in medicine. Maybe the medical schools aren’t teaching as they should. Maybe there’s way too much reliance on computers. Maybe there are too many lawsuits over wrong diagnoses. Or maybe the government has just plain meddled too much with healthcare. Or a combination of all those things.

A few years ago I had a doctor who knew how to do all those old-fashioned things, and did them–she called herself a “Swiss army knife-type doctor”–but she suddenly retired and now I wonder if she was the last one left.

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  1. I am feeling the frustration just as you and many others are. I am even more concerned for my younger son who has had this going on for a number of years, and has been prescribed pills that have further damaged his health. I wish I had done my research a long time ago, but unfortunately, we living far apart during most of this, and now, I find that one of his meds caused weak and broken bones, weakened muscles, leg vein valve deterioration, and finally two slight strokes! If not for the Lord, I hate to think what might have happened. We have him off all that junk, on natural remedies and he is slowly improving.
    For my part, the docs say “for your age, you are looking great, but you know, as we age…bla bla, but here is another pill or two. My brief trial of one of the new pills seemed to improve one condition, but worsening and creating new conditions that I can not tolerate.
    Remember, there is a great deal of money in medications for the pharmacies and for the clinics that use them. I know I am old, they did not have to remind me of that, but I have always taken care of myself, and been pretty strong and well until the last couple of years. The food and water and air quality of our present world is deplorable, and that weakens all of our physical systems. It will take patience, research on our parts, self care, and every measure we can muster to get through this mess. Prayers and blessings to all who are feeling stress and discomfort to downright illness, in the name of the Lord Jesus.

  2. My cousin has also been unable to get a diagnosis with her lung condition. Just tests after endless tests. Modern medical practice has a lot to be desired. The whole thing reminds me of an assembly line where they get you in and out as fast as possible. There also needs to be more emphasis on prevention and natural treatments when possible.

  3. It is over here as well Lee. I have dizzy spells that I do not know what causes them. I have also an itch that I think is caused by meds boy do not know for certain,

  4. Too much of modern medicine has become a factory assembly line. Granted, the human body is super complex and the different kinds of conditions to be diagnosed is mind-boggling – so many are only pronounceable by those who get the diagnosis. And then there are false diagnosis like how the one we spent a bunch of money on from different doctors to get the diagnosis that my wife had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) – which is like the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, a name given to subsume a bunch of symptoms under it.

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