Mr. Nature: Lightning Bugs are Back

Up here in Outer Jersey we’ve had a dark, cold, rainy spring, and I had begun to worry that maybe this time our lightning bugs would sit it out. But this past week they have returned.

Jambo, Mr. Nature here, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like seeing fireflies light up a spring or summer night. As kids we used to catch them in jars and put them in our bedrooms at night, only to find them dead in the morning.

A few facts: they’re not flies or bugs, but soft-shelled beetles. Only the males fly around, flashing on and off to attract potential mates. The females remain mostly in safe places on the shrubbery or grass, signaling back. There are thousands of species of lightning bugs around the world, but they all do pretty much the same thing.

More of God’s stuff–and He has outdone Himself this time, creating beauty.

A world without these creatures would be very poor indeed.

9 comments on “Mr. Nature: Lightning Bugs are Back

  1. The Bible tells us that eye has not seen and ear has not heard the things God has in store for us. Even in our fallen world, there are some true wonders. What will these th) gs be like in the Restitution?

  2. Fireflies are the harbingers of summer in my part of the woods (Arkansas) so haven’t seen any as of yet. Hummingbirds also herald summertime and we are still waiting for the first ones to indulge in the feeders we have put out for them. And my sunflowers are growing like crazy, right on time for their full flower in the good old summer heat.

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