Byron to Readers: ‘Talk It Up, Mates!’

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G’day! Or whatever time it is in America. And look at this! Another beautiful bicycle for the winner of our current comment contest–only there haven’t been that many comments lately. I keep telling Lee there’d be tons of comments if he’d offer a bike as the prize for posting Comment No. 47,000, but I can’t get him to see reason. He says he wants me to run these contests for him, and then he won’t let me give the winner a bicycle. As we quokkas like to say, Go figure.

Meanwhile, I look like a right dicky-doo-dah with so few comments coming in. Any platypus could do as well. They make fun of you, y’know, those platypuses. As if anybody with a duck’s bill could afford to make fun of anyone!

Well, I’ve got to go and see if I can bag a can of Foster’s for this evening’s family dinner. I’m not old enough for beer yet, but the can makes a really nice centerpiece on our table.

7 comments on “Byron to Readers: ‘Talk It Up, Mates!’

  1. Byron do not want a bike. If i can not have you a picture with a paw print will do.

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