Wanted: More Young Readers

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Little iguanas grow into big iguanas, and young readers and commenters grow into old ones.

I’m very happy that a handful of teens and young adults have joined our blog community. We rejoice in your energy! It’s good for us to get your take on things. Besides, you’ll be adults before you know it–might as well start practicing now. We who are already here welcome you with open arms.

It takes all ages to make a community. We hope we have at least the seedling of a community here. We need both old and young–and in-between, too–to make it work.

So… if you’re young, or young at heart, and you happen to have bumped into this blog–

Stick around a while! Get to know us. Add your comments. Join the fun.

It is fun, isn’t it? I dunno, maybe I ought to put Byron the Quokka in charge of that…

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