What’s the Matter with These Dogs?

How do cats do it–totally dominate dogs? Most of these dogs are several times bigger than the cat who’s stolen his dog bed. No guts, no glory…

It reminds me of the way my box turtles used to pick on Rags, our family dog. They’d waltz right over and eat his dog food, completely ignoring his loud objections. They knew they could just shut themselves in their shells if he got rowdy. And he knew it, too, poor guy.

6 comments on “What’s the Matter with These Dogs?

  1. I think it may be the threat of those vicious cat claws which the dogs may have experienced before. A cat claw in the eye is not good.

    1. True–but notice that however many times the cat hits the dog, he doesn’t cut him. The claws are not being used.

  2. The outcome of a battle is determined in the temples, long before it is fought on the battlefield. Cats are convinced of the rightness of their cause and they intend to prevail. I think that there may be some play involved, too. 🙂

  3. Dogs you can shout out and most the time intimidate them, but not so with cats. I would rather have a dog upset with me than a cat (those claws can cut).

    “Rags,” that reminds me of the name of the Tiger in the Crusader Rabbit Cartoons, which were the craziest thing on TV for a kid in the 1950’s. They would have all these numbered episodes but they were never presented in order.

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