The Soviets’ ‘Land Battleship’

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For World War II tank buffs–the biggest tank ever, the Soviet Union’s T-35, the “land battleship.”

This monster, equipped with five (!) gun turrets, was just under 32 feet long and almost 11 feet wide, and weighed in at 54 tons. It was many times larger and heavier than anything the Germans had when they invaded Russia in 1940. But only 61 of them ever came off the assembly line, and most of them were lost in battle when they broke down due to mechanical failure and were abandoned by their crews.

It must’ve inspired more than a few anxious moments, to see one of these coming at you. But the problem was, the T-35 just didn’t work. It was very difficult to maintain, and who had the time or the equipment to maintain it? Sometimes bigger isn’t really better.

Well, it wasn’t the first super-weapon that didn’t live up to expectations; and it wasn’t the last. Something to keep in mind when designing–and paying for!–military technology.

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  1. Yes, what a monster. We saw a TV special showing this and several other far out items.

    1. I had to go back to bed this afternoon.
      I believe my condition has been upgraded from “at death’s door” to “wretched.”

    2. When I was having recurrent health problems a number of years ago, I used to say that I was setting the baseline at “horrible,” so that when I was feeling just “bad” it was a good day.

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