Bush Babies!

Are these little characters adorable, or what? And what equipment! Great big eyes, great big ears, dexterous little hands, the agility of a monkey, and a lively curiosity betokening a keen intelligence–plus there’s a suggestion that they are maybe not of this earth.

I’ve never known anyone who had a pet bush baby. I wonder how much trouble they can get into when you’re not looking.

4 comments on “Bush Babies!

  1. They are sure cute, and seem to like to burrow under clothing. I bet that one could find a lot of trouble if you let it loose in your house.

  2. A bush baby for a house pet is asking for trouble if you ask me. I had a friend who bought a chimp as a way to meet girls. He had a special room built for his piano because he was a virtuoso, and that’s where he caged the chimp. Well, the chimp got out one night and tore the piano apart. The chimp was sold soon afterward.

    1. Big difference–chimps can be horrendously dangerous and violent; but nobody was ever maimed by a bush baby.
      Still, I’m sure that as tropical animals, they would need a lot of special care.

    2. Any exotic pet requires a lot of research ahead of time. Some are great, but many are not so great as indoor pets. These are about as cute of a little critter as exists, but I suspect that there’s a downside.

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