Bush Babies!

Are these little characters adorable, or what? And what equipment! Great big eyes, great big ears, dexterous little hands, the agility of a monkey, and a lively curiosity betokening a keen intelligence–plus there’s a suggestion that they are maybe not of this earth.

I’ve never known anyone who had a pet bush baby. I wonder how much trouble they can get into when you’re not looking.

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4 responses to “Bush Babies!

  • unknowable2

    They are sure cute, and seem to like to burrow under clothing. I bet that one could find a lot of trouble if you let it loose in your house.


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    A bush baby for a house pet is asking for trouble if you ask me. I had a friend who bought a chimp as a way to meet girls. He had a special room built for his piano because he was a virtuoso, and that’s where he caged the chimp. Well, the chimp got out one night and tore the piano apart. The chimp was sold soon afterward.


    • leeduigon

      Big difference–chimps can be horrendously dangerous and violent; but nobody was ever maimed by a bush baby.
      Still, I’m sure that as tropical animals, they would need a lot of special care.


      • unknowable2

        Any exotic pet requires a lot of research ahead of time. Some are great, but many are not so great as indoor pets. These are about as cute of a little critter as exists, but I suspect that there’s a downside.


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