Byron the Quokka: Bell Mountain Trivia Question No. 3

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My allergies are killing me again, and somehow I just can’t get up for covering any more nooze. So it’s time to hand over to Byron the Quokka…

G’day, mates! Byron the Quokka here, with Bell Mountain trivia question No. 3. I hope some more of you will play–nothing quite so blah as a game that nobody plays. And remember, the winner gets a bicycle–oops! I mean an autographed book.

Let me hit you with a question that’s only a little bit hard.

Question: Who was the outlaw who called himself “the king of Lintum Forest”?

I’ve never met another quokka who couldn’t answer this one, but the contest’s only open to you humans. Don’t ask me why. I guess we just like to see you folks enjoy yourselves. And we’re tryin’ to help Lee sell some books.

24 comments on “Byron the Quokka: Bell Mountain Trivia Question No. 3

    1. Yes, we got 3 right answers for that one.
      Want me to tell you the answer? That horse appears in all 11 of the books.

    2. 3:00 pm on July 4th. I just found the answers to Byron’s questions #2 & #3 but the younguns on this blog have beat me to it. Such is life. So what is Queston #4 Byron?

  1. The answer to the question is one of my favorite characters of the Bell Mountain series, as I am a fan of the bag guys… (that doesn’t make me a villain, right? =/ ).

    1. Byron is soft-hearted. He gave you credit for a right answer, knowing whom you meant.
      But no more “almosts” will be allowed.

    2. It must be, I can dig it! I actually have some fictional villains in my head right now… whether I get to use them or not, it’s in the Lord’s hands…

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