3 Hours at the Doctor’s

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I could just plotz. Doctoring today took up three hours of the morning. Then I had to revisit my enormous censorship article for a number of edits. Oh! Don’t forget to write a Newswithviews column!

And I am heartily disappointed in the spiders in my neighborhood. They don’t seem to be catching any flies. In fact, I suspect they’re directing flies into our apartment. It would serve them right if I brought in a chameleon. I have never seen a sorrier lot of spiders than these.

But then standards are sinking everywhere.

10 comments on “3 Hours at the Doctor’s

  1. wow, it just never ends, does it? I have found a few spiders here, too, but not that bad this year.

  2. Please do not plotz. Plotzing is so messy. It may even draw flies. (I couldn’t resist, although I know I should have.)

    Would some frogs help with the flies?

  3. Meanwhile, did anything helpful or hopeful come out of the three hours at the doctor’s?

  4. Sounds like her experience is like mine and my son’s. He is about ready to scream. He has no patience for sitting in waiting rooms, exam rooms and then 15 minutes of useless time with the “doctor” and out of there, nothing accomplished.

  5. Maybe if you had a laptop you could do your work while in waiting rooms. FYI: the comments for the Facebook post have been disabled. I noticed that Twitter came out with new rules today. They will no longer allow the dehumanizing of religious groups, so I guess that means you can no longer tell the factual truth about Islam’s history and its prophet (notice I did not use his name – don’t want Lee’s blog to get tagged by WordPress).

    1. Actually, I brought my legal pad and ballpoint pen and wrote my Newswithviews column. I can’t use the laptop unless I plug in a keyboard designed for use by humans.

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