Another College Caper

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Far Left Crazy students at Williams College, Massachusetts, are trying to deter the college from allowing free speech (

Watch the way they’ve learned to use words. “They want to kill us with hate speech.” Is that a new martial art I never heard of? “Bringing in certain speakers”–that is, conservative speakers–is tantamount to “violence.” If this keeps up, normal people won’t understand a word these students say.

They gave a standing ovation to a speaker who said “Colleges should write rules on stone on who can and cannot speak on campus.” Any of these student’s heads would suffice for a writing surface. They also applauded the speaker’s assertion that no “opinions” should ever be uttered on campus–“only factual speech.” You don’t need me to tell you how illogical that is, do you? I mean, like, “no opinions allowed” is… well, an opinion. And a stupid opinion at that.

College officials and staff are trying to bring free speech to Williams College, but the snowflake students are powerfully riled up against it. That’s what their, uh, education has done for them.

Cut to the chase–defund the colleges. There’s no way America benefits from raising up a whole generation of neo-Stalinists.

We’ve not only clutched a viper to our nation’s bosom. We’re hatching the viper’s eggs.

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  1. Too bad no one sends the police in to collect evidence of all these deaths by hate speech. Surely there must be some corpses, some videos of people dropping as the fatal words are uttered, and so on.

    Ah well, I suppose the laws of cause and effect have been repealed by now.

    1. They never covered that technique at my judo school. I guess it was just too powerful and dangerous for us to use.

    1. I went from 1967-71. They were just getting started on full speed ahead for communism. And everything else bad. They never intended for there to be free speech: that was just to rope you in.

  2. Agh. I am often reminded of my summer study program in the then Soviet Union, 1979. When I started CU graduate school in 1980 prof’s were so happliy anxious to hear about wonderful communism. “Tell us what it was like where everyone is treated equal!”.
    I stood up and described, “Yes, everyone was equal, equally deprived!” I spoke about the weekly long lines that people stood in to get a chicken, even families that had farms! Equal pay too- the doctor and store clerk equally got $12 a month.
    The glee on the profs face changed, I was never asked to speak again.
    Press on brother!

    1. As late as 1979 they still didn’t know communism was a wreck? But there’s no one as stupid as a stupid academic.

    2. What we’re dealing with here is a religion of sorts. It’s a hope based upon a system they believe will bring great benefits, even though there is no evidence to support that belief. When some-thing, or some-one, challenges that belief, the response is purely one of emotion. When evidence is presented that questions their conclusions the response is to attempt to assail that evidence, usually be means of an ad hominem attack on the presenter.

      Determining the truth of the matter cannot be risked, because if the truth challenges the assumptions and beliefs already held, and that’s too painful to someone that has put all of their eggs in one basket. IMO, this explains the rabid behavior of the Far Left, as they attempt to shout down anyone whom dare oppose their cherished conclusions. It’s quite similar to dealing with a religious cult.

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