Kittens & the Romance of Paper Bags

It never fails. You buy your cat a really snazzy (and probably expensive) cat toy, and all she wants is the paper bag it came in.

As you will see from this video, this romantic yen for paper bags is inborn in cats. Little kittens have it. I’ll bet if you rattled a paper bag near a pregnant cat, the babies in her womb would get rowdy. “Oh, we just can’t wait to be born! A world filled with paper bags awaits us!”

2 comments on “Kittens & the Romance of Paper Bags

  1. what could be better than a bag? Why, two bags and maybe a cardboard box or two. No end of fun.

  2. Being able to hide and ambush is something a cat dreams about the way I dream about a new Mercedes. The difference is, cats can hide and ambush for the price of a paper bag. Their dreams are attainable. 🙂

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