Save the Blog!

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If you’re reading this, you’re not part of the problem. So don’t feel guilty.

After averaging over 300 views a day all year long, the ol’ blog has been in a slump for going on a week. Fap! Should I be doing more political nooze? Recipes? Advice on getting rich?

Seriously, how can I attract more readers?

The Baluchitherium (above) was the biggest land mammal ever, but the world is fresh out of them. Unless the one in the photo is real. Honk if you think it might be real. I just did.



12 comments on “Save the Blog!

  1. A good time to consider what it is that you yourself want to accomplish with your blog. If you have your own goals in mind, the numbers will be less important than the fact that you are accomplishing your purpose.

    1. The blog was set up to sell my books, but it has grown into a part of the Chalcedon ministry. The numbers are important as a sign that the audience is growing. But I suppose you’re right–mustn’t get hung up on the numbers.

    1. Man I hope its not some conspiracy; better yet I hope for more reading of your materials some of which raises alarm of our days today

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