Byron’s Mother: Very Slow Comment Contest!

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G’day! This is Byron’s mum, and I want you to know my poor son is up all hours of the night trying to make this comment contest a success, only to be teased by some… some bandicoot! about the contest progressing so slowly. As if it were Byron’s fault!

Well, I won’t have it. The goal is 47,000 comments, we have 46,438, so that means 562 left to go. Byron would be mortified if he ever knew I was getting involved with this, the boy really wants to make his mark as a contest administrator–do you know, he was working so hard at this last night, he missed his favorite Kolchak episode–the one about some Spanish moss monster from the Louisiana bayou country chasing people through the sewers in Chicago, all the quokkas love that one–but I digress.

Now I don’t want to make a fuss, I’m only trying to help Byron, so let’s just keep this whole discussion between you and me, shall we?

8 comments on “Byron’s Mother: Very Slow Comment Contest!

  1. Fair enough. I am a mom and I know how impossible it is to keep from trying everything we know to help our sons. I hope for his success.

    1. Oh, yes, I would like one, too! What a splendid idea!
      (Do you suppose this could be a prize in yet another contest?)

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