‘Not-so-Minor Characters’ (2015)

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Just try telling Toad that he’s a minor character…

How would you like to be told, “You’re just a minor character”? Well, fictional people don’t like it any more than you would.

Not-So-Minor Characters

Just image someone telling you that you only exist to make him look good. What could be more insulting?

In writing fiction, as in life, treat your so-called minor characters–I prefer to think of them as supporting roles–as you would want them to treat you.

Because without them, you haven’t got a story.

3 comments on “‘Not-so-Minor Characters’ (2015)

  1. A basket of deplorables; seems I have heard a quote like that. I don’t care, but it is insulting to those who will feel insulted. Kind of like ignoring “fly-over” country?

  2. Good advise for the creative writers on this blog, and for me. I remember when I was first born-again and in college and I was witnessing about the Lord Jesus to a fellow student. He responded with resentment that God was on a big ego trip and just wanted to be worshiped and that was only what He cared. I guess that attitude would make us all minor characters 🙂

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