A Bit of Judo

This is the second throw I learned out of the book–O-Soto-Gari, “major outer reaping.” You get the other guy’s weight all on one foot, the leg that’s “outside,” closest to you, and then you sweep that foot out from under him. The result will be a very gratifying “Thud!”

I don’t think I ever won a judo match with this throw. Everybody knows it, and is on guard against it. But it’s a fun throw to practice.

7 comments on “A Bit of Judo

  1. ooooh! I guess I’m just a big sissie, but these kind of things give me the willies. Ouch!

  2. Afraid not. I’m not into rough stuff. I leave that to “white men” and welcome.

  3. I was very into martial arts when I was younger, no formal training though. For awhile I also liked Arnis, still do, but there’s no one around here that teaches it. These days my interests have shifted more toward physical fitness.

    1. At the dojo where I studied the sword, you could take a course in how to throw pencils as weapons. I do wish I’d done that one.

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