Baby Armadillos

These odd little animals are a lot more playful than I thought. Dig the two armadillos playing with the kitten–with the dog checking in from time to time to make sure they don’t hurt the kitten. Animals are way cooler than we give them credit for.

Here in armadilloless New Jersey, we are in the midst of a fierce thunderstorm. *sigh*

12 comments on “Baby Armadillos

  1. I find that when those fierce thunderstorms arrive, they make me feel
    somewhat depressed, uneasy. do they affect you that way?

    1. I find that severe weather can affect my mood. We are surrounded by it tonight, although my particular locale is not too badly afflicted as of yet. I know that earlier today I was feeling a bit negative, although the second Ethernet-switch failure (at work) in less than a week did nothing positive for my mood.

    2. Boiling heat punctuated by severe storms–that’s what we’ve been getting. And I got caught in the mother of all traffic jams today.

  2. These really are odd little guys. I remember the first time I saw one when we were driving from Missouri through the southwest on our way to Wa. State. I could hardly believe they were real.

  3. Lee, you need to move to armadillo country, that’s all there is to it. Buy a hat, a pickup truck (or even better, a Jeep) and start working on your Western drawl. We have nature sightings galore out here. Rattlesnakes, Gila Monsters, Scorpions, Red-Tailed Hawks, Coral Snakes, Mule Deer, Mountain Lions, Bobcats, the occasional Jaguar, Desert Hares, Lizards of every description, Javelina sleeping just outside my office, you name it. Actually, we don’t have any Armadillos that I’m aware of.

    Just as a PSA, nine-segment armadillos can, and do carry leprosy. If you are among the 5% of the population vulnerable to the disease, contact with an armadillo can result in a treatable, but somewhat inconvenient disease.

  4. We will get an occasional armadillo in our neighborhood, but mostly we see them as road kill out on the highway. It is recommended you not pet them because they can carry diseases – but that is pretty much true of all wild animals. They remind me of little tanks walking around with a long tail.

    1. Uniquely among the animal kingdom, armadillos can harbor leprosy, at least the 9 segment ones. They are appealing little creatures, but better safe than sorry.

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