Mr. T’s Snickers Commercial

I couldn’t think of anything more disdainful of political correctness than this Snickers commercial from some years ago, featuring the immortal Mr. T.

Back when Mr. T used to be on TV with The A-Team, I once overheard, at the supermarket, a little blue-eyed, flaxen-haired boy telling his mother that if only she would buy a certain plastic ring for him, “I can be just like Mr. T!”

If you think there’s something wrong with that, get out of here.

I grew up wanting to be like Willie Mays, and there was nothing wrong with that, either.

9 comments on “Mr. T’s Snickers Commercial

  1. Those (innocent) days we made judgments based on things OTHER than skin color. I remember having great admiration for Nat King Cole and Jelly Roll Morton as well as Lena Horn and, of course as a Giants fan, Willie Mays and Monte Irving (but I also loved Alvin Dark, the Giants’ shortstop and Sal Maglie, the pitcher, both of whom were white).

    Now it is all race, race and nothing BUT race and that’s both sad and frightening.

    1. There’s a Japanese baseball team that has the name Giants as well!!

  2. I had forgotten that commercial – what a classic! What if it had been Arnold Schwarzenegger shooting Snickers at a black man speed walking? – not allowed. Kind of like the Trump Rally crowd chanting “Lock her up” about Hillary Clinton with little push-back from the Media, but when they chanted “Send her back” it was political Armageddon because Ilhan Omar is black.
    FYI: Snickers is still my favorite candy bar.

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