Sloooooowwww Comment Contest

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G’day, Byron the Quokka here! And feeling like a right lemon, with only 11 comments made today, and 409 to go in the comment contest–which I’m supposed to be running better than Lee could do, but look at me!

I’ve told him and told him, time and again, he’s got to sweeten the prize. I had a perfectly good bicycle that could’ve been the prize, but he wouldn’t hear of it–said it wasn’t our bike to give away. He’s got this thing about giving out autographed books as prizes.

Well, crikey! How about one o’ them helmets that makes your wishes come true? That would be a prize worth winning! Although I’ve heard of a spotted quoll who got hold of one of those, and didn’t take it as serious as he should’ve, and wound up wishing himself into a pair of kangaroo ears.

But no, we’re stuck with the bloomin’ books. And people are starting to wonder about me as a contest administrator. Coo! but it’s a thankless job!

6 comments on “Sloooooowwww Comment Contest

  1. oh, come now, little guy. We are doing the best we can. Some of us have a lot of other pressing matters from time to time, and just can’t get back here to spout off when we would like to.

  2. Byron, cheer up – a post from you always makes my day. I don’t see how you remain so humble when you are so cute. I am doing my best to make the comment contest speed up, so my conscience is clear. How about talking Lee into giving our two personally autographed books instead of one?

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