‘Another Darwinian Fairy Tale’ (2016)

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So this is “science,” eh?

Well, it must be! Because it’s coming from a university!

Another Darwinian Fairy Tale

See, with Climbit Change raising the sea levels so that everyplace gets drownded, the human race will have no choice but to Evolve into the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

And we want to be ruled by these people because_____?

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  1. Even if all the Climbit hooey were true, the conclusion about physical evolution would remain hooey. Historically, people have responded to unfavorable environmental conditions not by evolving themselves but by causing their surroundings to evolve, i.e., by creating structures and clothing to protect themselves from hostile living conditions, as well as discovering ways to make the living conditions produce the materials necessary for creating these goods — not to mention food and drink. In fact, people have not only survived hostile living conditions but have turned their means of survival into high art forms. Humans are like that.

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