Another Darwinian Fairy Tale

Thanks to Global Warming and all that, says a scientist at the University of Kent, UK, rising sea levels are going to inundate the earth and the human race will evolve to live underwater, complete with gills, webbed feet and hands, an extra layer of fat for insulation, etc., etc. ( ) And voila! The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

It’s hard to decide how to label this. Is it poppycock, humbug, or just B.S.?

If a population of human beings devoted themselves, every day for hours at a stretch, to jumping as high as they could and flapping their arms, how long would it take for their arms to “evolve” into wings?

Or, if that’s asking too much of people who just might have better things to do, perhaps we could perform an experiment. Take some bats and don’t let them fly, but rather keep them in a watery environment day in, day out, for as many generations as it takes for the bats’ wings to evolve into flippers. What will we get out of this, other than a lot of wet, uncomfortable, and down-hearted bats?

I mean, is this stuff even science anymore? Our man from Kent relies on mutations to transform the human race into mermaids. That seems like a long shot, to me. But then that’s why the Darwin set insists on millions, or even billions, of years for Evolution to work its magic. Alas, the vast amounts of time involved make observation somewhat impractical. “You just wait a couple million years, and then you’ll see we were right!” What bunk.

And they say we Christians believe in silly things.


5 comments on “Another Darwinian Fairy Tale

  1. Well, all I can say to nit wits like these is: Read the one source that actually has the answers: Genesis 9:8-12, then try Romans Chapter !.
    If you don’t get it then, what more can we do.

  2. Maybe Joe Collidge has the answers. Due to his moth hormone treatments, he has been able to ‘evolve’ into a humanoid creature with antenners.

  3. Oh, well then Global Warming won’t be so bad after all! We’ll survive, adapt, and life will continue. I feel a whole lot better now that I know Climate Change won’t kill us. And you know what they say: whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

  4. The Bible says a thousand years is as a day to the Lord. Okay. But hundreds of millions years to produce man through evolution? – how could a God like that be thought of as personal (this is the god of Hinduism).? Darwin’s theory has no goal for evolution. Karl Marx comes along and gives evolution a goal which is communism, a utopia where everyone is equal, although untold millions of humans would have to be killed in evolving into it. The Bible gives life on earth a goal, the culmination of all things in Christ, and a new heaven and earth in which dwells righteousness.

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