Kitten Kaboodle

All right, I’m a softy. I can afford to be. It can’t be all swordfights, all the time. Somewhere in there, you’re going to need kittens.

My cats, when they were kittens, had these huge bat-ears. If those ears had kept growing with the rest of them, I could charge admission. But the ears just stayed the same as their owners caught up with them.

3 comments on “Kitten Kaboodle

  1. I think that reaches the theoretical maximum possible level of cuteness. I’ve only had one batch of kittens in the house during my lifetime, but it was one of the most enjoyable things I ever experienced.

  2. Awwwwww….. So adorable.

    When Iggy was a kitten, he not only had huge chihuahua ears but sported a big hook nose much too big for his face. He grew into his ears within a year or two, but it took him many more years to grow into his nose. (Or maybe I’ve just gotten used to it.)

  3. Such adorable creatures. I thank our Father in heaven for giving us such wonderful pets.

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