Parakeet Pesters Cat

This video mystifies me. The cat’s trying to take a nap. The parakeet seems intent on bugging him and just won’t stop. At this point it seems that the bird ought to get eaten. That’s what would happen in nature, right? When the cat finally gets riled enough to take an occasional swipe at the parakeet, the bird just dodges, retreats for a moment, and then goes right back to picking at the cat’s ears or back feet.

What is this bird so totally unafraid of the cat?

Note: Some cats, at least most of the cats I’ve ever had, really hate to have their back feet molested.

3 comments on “Parakeet Pesters Cat

  1. That really is a mystery. You’d think that the Parakeet would be in mortal fear of that cat.

    I won’t mention any specific names, but all of those bird sounds really got the attention of a certain feline who is sharing the couch with me.

  2. Just back from a week up north at the lake with no internet…which I highly recommend to one and all!

    Hopefully I am not too late to guess that Ellayne’s book is “The Memoir of Abombalbap”? As far as I recall, this is her favorite!

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