Clown Costume Ignites Cruise Ship Brawl

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I wonder if the piano player kept on playing… like they do in the movies.

You don’t usually think of a luxury cruise ship as an arena for an all-out brawl–but hear now the nooze!

Yep, our Western culture’s in some swell shape. A British cruise ship sailing home from Norway unexpectedly hosted a free-for-all when a passenger showed up for a party in a clown costume and another passenger “took exception” to it: gotta love that British understatement. Next thing everybody knew, passengers were throwing plates and furniture at each other, resulting in more than a few unpleasant injuries. We are told a lot of alcoholic beverages had been consumed, leading up to the festivities. A witness said there was “blood everywhere.”

The Love Boat it wasn’t.

What’s going on with people, anymore? I do think we need to know that.

5 comments on “Clown Costume Ignites Cruise Ship Brawl

  1. What is going on is that we have surrendered too much ground to the evil one, our enemy, and he is taking full advantage of it. People of God have fallen to a slumbering state, fearing criticism, being lazy, refusing to “occupy until He comes”..l and payng the price

  2. My wife & I went on a Carnival cruise for our 40th anniversary. The alcoholic drinks were free. I think that is really what caused the riot, along with everyone’s fallen nature turning aggressive.

    1. I agree. Many incidents on planes also involve alcohol. People seem to have no self-control these days.

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