Yes, Turtles Can!

You asked for it, Erlene, so here it is–a turtle climbing up a sheer wall.

I know I originally promised you the sight of a box turtle climbing a fence, and there are plenty of videos on that subject. But I didn’t want to post any video of the turtle falling down. Turtles are very good at climbing up a fence, but they’re just not built for climbing down.

My box turtles, when I was a boy, were always climbing up the fence around their turtle pen. Moving it to a cinderblock wall did no good; they climbed the cinderblock, too. Replacing the chicken-wire with bricks: no help, they climbed up the bricks. Turtles may look clumsy, but they have sharp claws, they’re immensely strong for their size, and they have both patience and determination. Those are assets that’ll get you to the top.

8 comments on “Yes, Turtles Can!

    1. My painted turtle climbed out of his little home one evening–I wouldn’t have thought it was possible–and made a beeline for the supper table. It was because we were having lobster and the aroma was just too much for him. Silly turtle: he should’ve known I’d save a few pieces for him. He was certainly going to get his lobster.

    2. I couldn’t imagine that you wouldn’t save some for him. I know my cat gets a “tithe” of every bit of chicken I bring home.

    1. They’re all good climbers. Stinkpot or musk turtles are often found resting on tree branches overhanging the water.

  1. I have never seen this before. I have always heard if you see a turtle on top of a fence post you know somebody put it there – now I’m not so sure that is correct 🙂 When my wife and I started collecting bunny items for our house, I decided we needed some turtle items to counteract, so I made our large bathroom into a turtle zone – a plague hangs over the door “Turtle Crossing.”

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