The ‘Right’ to Teach?

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Where does it say that anybody has a “right” to teach America’s children? Like, you get to stand in front of your class and “teach” the joys of communism, whether the town that pays your salary wants you or not?

Watching teachers’ unions, one after another, throw off the mask of sanity and stand before us as out-and-out Marxists, one must truly wonder: Have we got a national death wish? How can it possibly be a good idea, to have people who hate our country teaching our children—in the public schools that we’re stuck paying for?

It was always a mistake to allow teachers to unionize, and now that mistake is coming home to roost. Teachers ought to serve at the pleasure of the public–period. They are employed by the public, paid by the public, pensioned by the public (heaven help us), equipped by public money–I mean, what part of that is so hard to understand?

We have a right, or flamin’ well should have the right, to decide who gets to teach our children and who doesn’t. If we don’t want commies teaching communism, we shouldn’t have to pay for commies teaching communism.

Teachers’ unions have been bad for education, bad for children, and bad for America. Once upon a time, over a hundred years ago, teachers provided the most articulate opposition to the crazy plans of “educators.” Now it’s the teachers who carry out those plans.

Public education will destroy us.

5 comments on “The ‘Right’ to Teach?

  1. My school years, mostly the ‘60s, were bad enough. I had several very good teachers, at least two of which I came back and thanked decades later, but there were also some very bad teachers including a Band teacher, who was abusive and cruel. Many strike me as ultra liberal when viewed from an adult perspective. IMHO, public schools are a very poor way to educate a child.

    1. It was a terrible idea from the beginning. Public education has always been a project of people who shouldn’t have been trusted with goldfish, let alone children.

  2. Yes, I agree. This has been a subject to concern with me for years. Kids who are not taught any truth in their youth classes in church never learn the truth about much of anything.

    1. I was well into adulthood when it suddenly struck me that a great deal of what I was taught in school had proven false. Even back in the ‘60s the environmental lies were flying fast & furious.

  3. When I got saved I had to relearn everything I was taught in school according to what the Bible says – and to think America was founded by people who set up a government according to Christian principles.

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