You Mean There’s Still Half a Day to Go?

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So far today–blog posts, pick up laundry, take care of the recycling, lug huge bottles of spring water up the stairs to the water cooler, compose Newswithviews column, type it up and send it in… and I haven’t done any work on my book yet, there are still some things to blog… and it’s already quarter after one! It feels more like quarter to five.

Oh–and somebody sent me this enormous cardboard box full of packing peanuts and bubble wrap, containing… calendars. It’s already August; if you don’t have a calendar by now, forget about it. Now all this junk has to be disposed of.

Whoever said that life gets easier, once you’re seventy, was desperately mad.

8 comments on “You Mean There’s Still Half a Day to Go?

  1. That kitten looks the way I feel — and, apparently, the way you feel as well. I think I’ll go take a nap.

  2. You think 70 is bad? Wait till you pass 80. Phew! I just went to the post office, and got back knowing I had to lie down for a bit. Boy, getting old is not for sissies as they keep telling me. I’m convinced.

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