Do You Really Want Me to Write About This S***?

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I was going to post some nooze this afternoon, honest. But as I scanned the headlines trying to decide which items to use, it seemed infinitely more desirable to publish another picture of a Baluchitherium. Biggest land mammal that ever lived–and King Ryons couldn’t have rescued his city without one.

Really, the news today is total dreck. Nothing but one jidrool after another flapping his jaw, her jaw, and spewing out political pornography. It’s supposed to make us want them to rule our country. Presuming we’re as hopelessly insane as they are.

Now I know there are no Baluchitheriums living on the earth today, despite how dearly I would love to see one. My hope is that God has stored them someplace safe, somewhere in the vastness of Creation, and that someday He will let me see them. In the sweet by and by.

*Sigh. Now it’s going on two o’clock. I’ve already had my bike ride and it’s too hot to do another one. Will anybody mind if I go outside and try to start writing the next chapter of my book?

5 comments on “Do You Really Want Me to Write About This S***?

    1. I made the mistake of looking at the nooze again. Twenty-five Democrat presidential wannabes, and every last one of them as mad as a hatter. And not only mad, but downright evil. That’s a swell combination. I can’t even imagine, I don’t want to imagine, what kind of trouble we’d be in if any of them ever obtained the kind of power that they’re looking for.

      I want to turn off this horror movie!

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