Haunted Baby Monitors…?

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Glitch or ghost? Who knows?

Think you’ve got troubles? How would you like to have a haunted baby monitor?

Two cases are reported, one in Los Angeles, one in New York. Which is not to say they’re the only two cases: just the two discussed in a Wall Street Journal article (https://www.wsj.com/articles/my-baby-monitor-is-haunted-tales-of-parental-fright-11565688602).

In Los Angeles the baby’s mother and father saw “humanlike figures” floating around their baby’s room–or rather, saw them on the monitor’s screen. In New York the parents saw the closet door in the baby’s room slowly open for no apparent reason.

“Experts” toss it off as parental jitters over their new babies’ health and safety. The father in Los Angeles has a screen shot of the humanlike figures. And the New York video clearly shows the closet door opening.

What are we to make of this story? Do we have more technology than we can handle? Is it just glitches that non-techies can’t understand?

Of course, you could have the baby in a crib in the same room with Mommy and Daddy. Then you wouldn’t need a baby monitor.  Or you could get out of bed when you hear the baby cry at night, and rock and sing him back to sleep: that was my father’s job, and one of my very earliest memories.

But what’s going on here?

I wonder if modern life is getting just a bit too complicated.

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