Democrat ‘Purity Tests’–Enough, Already

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Eat your heart out, Stan Laurel–this is a comedian! I wonder what kind of purity test he’d be able to pass. Feel free to speculate.

Now we’ve got a Trump-hating U.S. Senator and a Trump-hating, uh, comedian both saying Democrats have gone too far with their “purity tests” (

And here I thought they were testing us for our tolerance for excruciatingly boring horses***.

What exactly is a Democrat purity test? I mean, I only heard the term this morning. It seems to be the current mob of candidates’ constant striving to outdo one another in apologizing for perceived wrongs, putting on a show of groveling confession–a la “Beeto” O’Rourke, singin’ the blues about his family’s sins prior to the Civil War: crikey, what an insect–and forcing one’s competitors to top it. Or should I say “bottom it”? ‘Cause it surely is a race for the bottom of the barrel.

But it’s a Democrat barrel, so maybe it has no bottom.

So much for today’s nooze.

3 comments on “Democrat ‘Purity Tests’–Enough, Already

  1. These irrational and stupid (NOT ignorant) people are filled with rage. The devil is a bad master. Unlike Christ, he doesn’t give his followers peace or contentment or patience but fills them with an unquenchable anger that is only temporarily ameliorated when they triumph over those they hate. In the end, they find themselves in an afterlife filled with everything that they hated on earth.

  2. I see where Tlaib is calling for a boycott of Bill Maher’s show – what a hoot. Up until 1961 most State Constitutions said you could not take an oath for an elected office is you did not believe in God. They still say it but the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional in the “Torcaso v. Watkins” case – so much for Originalists on the Court.

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