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Will Dems’ Debate Explode in Their Faces?

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Despite calls from Party higher-ups to cancel the rest of the Democrat primary and declare Joe Biden the winner, the first Biden-Bernie Sanders debate is still on for Sunday.

This is fraught with danger: the two candidates might just destroy each other. I would expect the Party to counsel both of them not to attack each other and spend the whole evening bashing President Trump.

Ah! But Bernie the socialist is way behind and has only one thing left to sell: his power to damage Biden. They’ll have to buy him off somehow or he’ll keep on doing it. Even so, he has to walk a fine line. If he destroys Biden in the first debate, then he’ll have nothing left to sell.

The Party’s also afraid of what Bernie might say, because he has a lot of far-out Far Left wackos working for him. A paid Sanders campaign staffer in South Carolina was caught by Project Veritas cooing sweet nothings like “Guillotine the rich!”, send all Republicans to “re-education camps,” and “I’m ready to start tearing bricks up and start fighting… I’m ready for the f***ing revolution, bro!” (https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jan/21/guillotine-rich-project-veritas-exposes-another-ra/?fbclid=IwAR0K0FkaAk9wsewuABGOTVTbAWGJPaRQttAK_GGEZEnQNYPyUOb4HqobdPY).

He also wants to “disband” the legislative and judicial branches of the government. All we really need, he thinks, is a dictator.

Question! “Senator Sanders, if you don’t agree with these violent sentiments, then why do you have nuts like this running your campaign?” Not that any left-wing noozie “moderator” would ever ask it.

They’ll also have to worry about Biden’s increasingly frequent mental lapses, and his increasingly hair-trigger temper. It won’t be hard for Sanders to provoke him to say intemperate things and damage himself.

This is a campaign in which the Party has to hide its candidates. As long as the public can’t see or hear them, they’ve got a shot.

If the debates prove to be a disaster, what then? What happens at the convention? Do they take Hillary Clinton out of mothballs and bestow the presidential nomination on her–a candidate for whom no one voted in the primary? Is that their version of, ahem, “democracy”? Gotta love it.

Maybe in such a debate, the less said by either candidate, the better. The Party does not want to wind up with something like this.


The Kingmaker Speaks: Shut Down the Primary

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As alike as two pees in a pot

There’s a debate scheduled for this Sunday, Biden and Sanders one-on-one. But the South Carolina pol who gave Joe Biden’s failing campaign a jump start has called for cancelling the debate–in fact, shutting down the whole rest of the Democrat primary (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/clyburn-calls-for-shutting-dem-primary-down-canceling-debates-after-biden-surge).

What? You just shut it down? What about the states that haven’t voted yet? Sorry, folks.

In an interview last night on NPR, James Clyburn, who has suddenly emerged as the Democrat kingmaker, said the primary should be shut down and Biden declared the winner, take a hike, Bernie… because “you don’t do anything but get yourself in trouble if you continue in this contest.” Do they have to do what he says?

You can see their problem. Two candidates on worldwide TV. One of them’s a communist. The other doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing, half the time. The other half the time, he can’t control himself. Not exactly a sure-fire way of rounding up sane people’s votes.

These two candidates, each appalling in his own way, could destroy each other. The Party can’t afford to let this happen. But to shut down the primary? When was the last time that was done? Certainly not in my lifetime. I’ll bet it’s never been done.

Clyburn is afraid of what these lunatics might say, once they get going. He should be.

The American people deserve to see and hear just how out-to-lunch these two guys are. But the Party muck-a-mucks don’t think so.

The Republican Part of the Swamp

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No one comes home poor from Capitol Hill. We all know that, don’t we?

We’ve learned to call it “the Swamp.” Elected officials, appointed officials, career bureaucrats–all feeding from the public trough. Feeding their families from the public trough. It’s all tax money, an infinitely renewable resource. And just having a connection to some big gator in the swamp can land you a fabulous no-show job on a Ukrainian gas board. Your whole family can eat the public’s flesh and suck its blood.

So along comes Donald Trump with a cry of “Drain the Swamp!” And the American people realize they want to drain the Swamp. Only the Swamp doesn’t want to be drained, and it’s fighting to keep its hold on the country’s major blood vessels.

Enter Joe Biden, doddering, lying, corrupt Joe Biden. A lifelong creature of the Swamp. Now the Democrat front-runner, the Party establishment having crushed Crazy Bernie Sanders like a bug.

And enter assorted “conservatives” who’ve been kind of quiet about all this so far, but have suddenly discovered unexpected wonderfulness in Jibbering Joe.

A few days ago on townhall.com, it was some “conservative” rhapsodizing on “Joe’s fundamental decency.” Good grief. Where did that come from? The next day it was another writer, this one praising Biden’s “good common sense.” Here we have entered the Twilight Zone. And yesterday it was someone else again, saying how Biden’s the business as usual candidate and surely we can live with that, it’s not that awful.

What kind of jolly-juice are they drinking? Dudes, Joe Biden is not from the Swamp. Joe Biden is the Swamp.

They’re even talking about bringing back creepy John Kerry for another go-round as secretary of state. “We can too arm Iran with nuclear weapons! Just see if we don’t!” And we can go back to full-blown Obamacare.

Oh! and if the Democrat platform is to be believed, we can erase our southern border, get those illegals into the voting booth, lock up everybody who doesn’t believe in Man-Made Climate Change, and see how many trillions of dollars we can piss away, and how fast we can do it, before the whole shebang collapses.

Evidently there are Republicans who like the Swamp just the way it is, one big, happy family up there on the Hill, don’t rock the boat, there’s plenty of goodies for all. They’ve been afraid to come out as Never-Trumpers. But now they’re Sometimes-Bideners.

Pelosi: Farther and Farther Out to Lunch

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How important is this year’s presidential election?

Declares Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, “Civilization as we know it is at stake” (https://thepoliticalinsider.com/nancy-pelosi-bizarrely-claims-that-civilization-as-we-know-it-is-at-stake-in-2020-election/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=nancy-pelosi-bizarrely-claims-that-civilization-as-we-know-it-is-at-stake-in-2020-electi)… ’cause four more years of Donald Trump is, like, the end of America.

To put this in some kind of perspective, Pelosi is from San Francisco. Is that what she calls “civilization”? Piles of feces on the sidewalk. Used syringes all over. Crime rate through the ceiling. Hordes of the homeless, most of them illegal aliens, in tents and cardboard boxes.

Does she know what “civilization” means? She’s from San Francisco.

This is the third-highest ranking official in America, behind only the president and vice president. This is what we’ve settled for.

Pray America’s voters put the Democrat Party out of business and Pelosi out to pasture–or wherever you go, if you can’t lead the House of Reprehensibles anymore.

Has Bernie Sold Out Already?

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Honest, it’s not a Wanted poster.

Last time the fix was in, at Bernie Sanders’ expense, in 2016, he took one for the team and was rewarded with a nice new beach house. This time, 2020, the smart money says he’s going to sell out again.

I say he’s sold out already, because the price has nowhere to go but down.

Consider: Bernie has just promoted some Far Left Crazy kook named Agnew to be his senior campaign advisor (https://dailycaller.com/2020/03/08/bernie-sanders-phillip-agnew-dream-defenders-abolish-prisons/). How far to the left is he? Well, he’s co-director of “Dream Defenders,” a group that advocates the abolition of police and prisons, open borders, and the abolition of capitalism. They also say the government needs “to deliver what is owed to black people.” Finally, Mr. Agnew himself is holding out for the story that 9/11 was when “America… killed her own citizens.”

That’s out-of-the-Solar-system Left. Who but a lunatic would vote for any of those things? Bernie has pinned this guy to his lapel; so if you’re voting for Bernie, you’re voting for suicidally insane public policies.

Hmm… Think that’ll drive more Democrats into voting for Biden?

Of course it will. But in the meantime, it permits Bernie to preserve intact his reputation as a Social Justice Warrior, a socialist jihadi, a dyed-in-the-wool commie crackpot. He won’t have to drop out of the race; he’ll be blown out.

What will they give him for falling on his sword? Does he need another beach house, or is a mansion in the mountains coming his way?

And will the Bernie Bros, those lovable hammer and sicklers, take it lying down? Their gulag pipe dreams up in smoke again? It’s the “again” part that’s really gonna rankle.

Stay tuned!

‘We Can Live with Joe’? Really?

The Democrat establishment flexed its muscles on Super Tuesday and pushed Joe Biden ahead of Bernie Sanders in the race for the party’s presidential nomination.

That they were able to do this was not surprising. What is surprising, and distressing, is the emergence of “conservative” commentators who are so happy to be rid of Bernie, they wouldn’t mind a Biden presidency. A business-as-usual presidency, with a moderate at the helm.

What kind of happy-juice have they been drinking?

First, watch this video again. It’s only one of many. If you really, truly believe this man is fit to be president, you’re as loopy as he is.

Since when is Joe a “moderate”? Open borders, transgender, Green New Deal, more and more abortion, more and more restrictions on the Second Amendment, government control of healthcare–these are lunatic public policies, and he’s on record as supporting every single one of them. These are extremist policies, and he supports them all.

What do these bogus conservative numbskulls mean when they say they “can live with Biden”? Better him than Bernie–’cause Bernie’s an out-and-out Bolshevik who publicly praises communist dictatorships? But in terms of policy recommendations, there’s hardly anything at all advocated by Sanders that hasn’t also been advocated by Biden. And all the rest of the departed Democrat candidates, we might add.

They’re all crazy. And so-called Republicans who think the republic can actually survive another Democrat regime are off their chumps.

Whether they can push and pull the doddering Biden all the way to Election Day remains to be seen. Heaven only knows what other bombs are going to drop from his mouth between then and now.

But all we need to know is No Democrats–never again.

Noozies’ Lament: ‘Sexism’ Sank Warren

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[Editor’s note: It’s my intention that this will be the only post I make about politics today. I don’t want to chase away my readers.]

Gee, what’s not to like about Elizabeth Warren? Compulsive liar who always gets caught. Fraud and race hustler: “hire me because I’m a Native American!” Supports open borders, transgender, Green New Deal, and all the other lunatic public policies sponsored by Democrats and feared and hated by normal people. And a world-class waffler: was her “Medicare for All” project ever the same for two days in a row?

But according to the alleged nooze network CNN, none of that mattered, not one little bit. Warren only lost in the Democrat primaries because… of sexism! People didn’t vote for her because she’s a woman! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiyMqikMdU4). You heard it on the TV nooze!

As if this weren’t bizarre enough, the nits at CNN waited till 3:30 in the morning (!) to launch into their denunciation of sexist Democrat voters who refused to vote for Pocahontas Warren. Who did they think was watching CNN at 3:30 in the morning?

Again: do these people, these identity politics idiots, have any idea of what a president is, or what a president is supposed to do? Do they think a presidential election is only held to provide some kind of validation for their whiny, entitled, self-important group–like every bunch of whiners gets a turn to own the White House?

You put the wrong person in the White House, and millions of people suffer. Maybe they die, or maybe they just lose everything. Maybe it’s another country that the incompetent president trashes. Or maybe he trashes America, following this or that psychotic public policy dreamed up by liberals. Even a good person, with better than average wits, experienced advisers, and all the good intentions in the world, can make a hash of the presidency. That’s how hard a job it is. So you don’t turn it over to some chipmunk just because she looks like you.

But these are noozies, these are liberals, and they hate America and want to “transform” it into God forbid we ever find out what.


‘Author’ in Need of a Civics Lesson

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I don’t know how you get kudos as a “feminist author,” but clearly it’s not for having a keen grasp of basic civics.


Here we have a “feminist author” suggesting that her Democrat Party pledge itself to run “no white guys” for president in 2024. So, like, if the greatest and wisest person in the world were running, but he was a white guy, up against the worst and dumbest person in the world, who was not a white guy, our “feminist author” would prefer the Democrats nominate the stupid bad person.

Do any of these identity politics buffoons know what a president is, or is supposed to be, or does? Or is this just, to them, some kind of national popularity contest in which every whining group gets its turn to have a president who looks like them? Is this what the Democrat Party has come to? (Hint: Yes.)

But of course we’re talking about someone for whom “author” isn’t enough, but she has to be a “feminist author.” How many points is that worth? “It may be poop, but at least it’s feminist poop!”

Too many people like this are allowed to vote.



More Democrat Depravity

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(*sigh* Really, I’d rather post hymn requests than stuff like this… but I haven’t gotten any today.)

A Denver City councilwoman–Democrat, of course–is on the hot seat for tweeting “solidarity” with some idiot who said, “If I do get coronavirus I’m attending every MAGA rally I can” (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/denver-democrat-faces-backlash-after-tweeting-solidarity-for-spreading-coronavirus-at-trump-rallies).

Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca is a nobody, the original author of the quote is a nobody–but we have to know what kind of depraved people we’re up against. So I report this junk, because I would not have it said that I failed to counsel people not to sit out this year’s election, not to throw their votes away on quixotic third-party candidates who don’t have any chance of winning. Anything but a Republican vote is helping the Democrats. Not something I’d want to have on my conscience.

See, what they’re saying is, they’d kind of like to kill you, if they could, rather than see you vote for President Donald Trump. I don’t care that it’s only this doofus in Denver. So far, no Democrat has denounced her. No Democrat has denounced what she has said. If there is a Democrat who disagrees with her sentiment, we have not heard from him or her. The cryptozoological search for “moderate Democrats” continues. Someone saw one last week, swimming with the Loch Ness monster.

Do not let these people take power in our country ever again.

Is This Quite On the Level?

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Washington State has “vote by mail” in this year’s presidential primary. The election is on March 10, but many people have already voted early–by mail.

This year, you have to declare your party affiliation–and it can only be Democrat or Republican, no other allowed–on a box on the outside of the envelope. The box comes with a pledge that testifies you really are a Democrat or Republican and have not tried to participate in the other party’s primary. If you don’t check the box, your vote won’t count (https://www.king5.com/article/news/politics/voters-will-have-to-check-democrat-or-republican-on-washington-state-primary-ballot/281-8a16b59e-df4d-4e8e-b66f-ff0fdbadf19c).

There are already some 36,000 ballots received that won’t count because the voters “made mistakes.”

We are assured by state election officials that nobody in the postal service will see the Republican box checked and decide to help Social Justice by throwing that ballot away. Heck, no leftid would ever try to cheat in an election! Just because Washington has more than its share of Far Left Crazy doesn’t mean there’ll be any cheating. You have their word on it!

Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton said that “because of privacy concerns,” she won’t vote in this year’s primary (https://www.king5.com/article/news/politics/voters-will-have-to-check-democrat-or-republican-on-washington-state-primary-ballot/281-8a16b59e-df4d-4e8e-b66f-ff0fdbadf19c). Either you don’t vote at all, she said, or everybody knows your party affiliation. “Our voters don’t like that,” she added: her switchboard’s been lighting up a lot since the new ballots were published.

They’re voting by mail because the Washington legislature moved up the primary date so that Washington would play a bigger role in deciding the nomination.

We’ll see if Bernie Sanders is far enough to the left for Washington Democrats.

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