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Biden Does It Again

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The other Democrats are even worse.

If idiotic statements were literature, Joe Biden would be Shakespeare.

This week the former vice president, now seeking the Democrat presidential nomination, said his proposed child tax credit would put “720 million women” back to work (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-gaffe-put-720-million-women-in-workforce). Honestly, you could fill a very thick book with the loopy things he says.

Nevertheless, if he gets the nomination because the rest of the two dozen candidates are even sillier than he is, tens of millions of people will vote to give him custody of the nuclear missile launch codes. That is a very bad argument for having elections at all. I mean, what if he were to win? The Voter Fraud Party will do everything in its power, lawful or otherwise–mostly otherwise–to make sure he does.

P.S.–Just in case you went to public school, or currently attend a university, the population of the United States is around 330 million, half of whom are men. This esoteric information is cunningly concealed in the last census.

Now She’s Descended from Gandhi

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In her continuing quest for verifiable minority status, Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren says “You all misunderstood me! I didn’t mean I was descended from Native Americans. I meant those other Indians–the ones in India. I am a direct descendant of Whatsisname Gandhi!”

As proof of her claim, Sen. Warren says “I always had this thing for Nehru jackets, and I really like curry. So if you elect me president, you won’t have to worry about me exercising any of that White Privilege!”

If you couldn’t help believing this for a moment there–well, what does that say about this woman’s politics?


Joe Biden, Action Hero

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A friend of mine once told me he wanted to get into politics “because there it’s okay to talk about yourself a lot.”

Joe Biden, leading the pack of dervishes vying for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination, has lived by those words. And then some. Brother, does this guy talk about himself–and the stories he tells!

A few days ago he “remembered” an incident from the 1960s in which he faced down and buffaloed four black gang members, led by a notorious character known as “Corn Pop” (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/09/15/delaware-2017-joe-biden-recounts-wrapping-chain-gang-leader-corn-pop/). He says these guys were waiting for him with razors, but when he threatened to “wrap a chain” around Corn Pop’s head, they backed down.

Biden says this happened while he was “the only white lifeguard” at a public swimming pool in a black neighborhood–where, as one commenter on the story observed, they always have chains lying around in handy places, in case you need one to scare off some gang-bangers. Another commenter referred to the tale as “Biden’s Negro Summer Safari Adventure.” It doesn’t look like a lot of people are taking this seriously.

It’d be funny if we didn’t know that millions of dits will vote for this guy if he becomes the nominee. “Ooooh! Did you hear how he stood up to those gangstas? That’s the kind of tough leadership America needs!”

There are other details to this story that might be of interest, but for the sake of decency I have left them out. You can always get the whole thing by clicking the link.

Meanwhile, this is the palooka who said, “We choose truth over facts.”

With Democrats, facts are always optional.

Dems’ ‘Macbeth’: Where’s the Third Witch?

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Wow! We’ve got Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren huddling with Hillary “Crooked” Clinton–over what, that’s a secret: but it’s gotta have something to do with the Democrat presidential nomination (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/09/08/report-hillary-clinton-speaking-to-elizabeth-warren-behind-the-scenes/#)

Shakespeare’s Macbeth encountered three witches who told him he’d be king of Scotland. If the Dems want to play this scene, they still need one more witch. Who should it be? Which witch (no crepuscularity intended!) holds the final ingredient to poison America with a Democrat presidency?

Maybe I ought to set up a pool. Who’s the third witch? Ocasio-Cortez? Rosie O’Donnell? Or a real witch somewhere, who shall remain incognito as she fashions the Donald Trump dolls out of wax and sticks them full of pins, then pitches them into the boiling cauldron…

But what are they saying to each other, in these secret meetings–the phony Indian and the most corrupt woman in the Northern Hemisphere?

At stake in the next convention, in 2020, are the party’s “superdelegates”–party hacks and apparatchiks–many of whom are still controlled by Clinton.

“Hey, Hillary! Wanna be a Supreme Court justice?”

“Yo, Liz! You’re gonna need an attorney general, know what I mean…”

Who’s going to lead the parade of kooks?

Stay tuned!

I’m Running for President!


Move over, purple penguins! Now that some of the real lightweights have dropped out, it’s time for me to join the Democrat presidential nomination sweepstakes.

And here’s my first campaign promise, right up front. If I’m elected president, I guarantee that there will be no sharks swimming around in our department stores! No other candidate has made that promise because no other candidate can. With me in the White House, it will be perfectly safe to use the escalator in Barnes & Noble.

I also promise that the very least I would do, if you elect me president, would be… well, nothing. C’mon, now, people, which would be better? Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris–or a president who does, like, nothing? Fumbling, stupid, crazy policies, or no policies? Imagine a president with the good sense to leave the country alone. That would be me!

Now, you know they won’t let me take part in any of those “debates” they have. You saw how they all piled onto Marianne Williamson for coming out of political nowhere and still looking better than the rest of them. “I didn’t know they could be so mean!” she’s saying now. Hey, sister, I coulda toldja. “I didn’t know they lied so much!” Coulda toldja that, too.

So, then, help me build up my campaign war chest by buying my books. Books? What books? You have books? You’re darn tootin’ I do. Just go to this blog’s home page and click “Books,” and find out all about it. You can even order them from there.

Vote for me, Lee Duigon, in all your Democrat primaries!

Because doing nothing is better than doing evil.

Bernie Sanders Digs Red China

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Crazy Bernie’s probably past his sell-by date, but he’s still in there babbling (https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2019/08/27/sanders-china-has-made-more-progress-addressing-extreme-poverty-than-anyone-else-sadly-theyre-more-authoritarian/).

He grants it’s sad that the communist dictatorship is becoming “more authoritarian,” and they really shouldn’t strip the people of Hong Kong of their rights–but in defense of the regime, said the Democrat presidential wannabe, they have “made more progress in addressing extreme poverty than any country in the history of civilization.”

Uh… could that be because they had tons and tons of extreme poverty to start with, and just about any change would’ve been for the better? Except for some of those changes put in by dear old Mao Tse-tung, which killed at least 40 million of his defenseless countrymen. Like, it’s hard to lift Americans out of poverty because American poverty, compared to poverty in China or throughout the Third World, is almost wealth.

Yes, this is the same loon who once said Venezuela is “living the American dream” better than America.

And he’s got four houses now. The Monopoly game that is America has been very, very good to him.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 22 (Dems’ Plan B: You’re All Racists)

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You’re all racists, and Democrats are mad at you. Be sure to vote for them.

How do you like that? With all the fatzing around with doctors today–three hours of it–I plumb forgot to post my Newswithviews column. So here it is.

Dems’ Plan B: ‘You’re All Racists’

Are we really in for a year and several months of this, or are the wheels going to fall off sometime well before Election Day?

Thank You, Don Quixote–er, I Mean Joe Biden

Who’s your favorite political kook? Which Democrat loon do you want to be our country’s next (and maybe last) president?

Don’t even start to make up your mind before you read and internalize this immortal quote from the oldest kook in the race, Joe Biden. Does he need to say anything else, to win our hearts and minds, and  claim his place in history?

Ready? Here it is–straight from the horse’s… er, mouth:

“We choose truth over facts.”

Didn’t Don Quixote once say that? Forget the musical, Man of La Mancha. In the novel as Cervantes wrote it, Don Quixote was as crazy as a bedbug and everything he touched, he destroyed.

We can’t elect Don Quixote president because he’s fictional–and anyway he’d be 500 years old. But Joe Biden’s almost as old, and he–oh, forsooth!–is real.

‘Hillary Warns: No Criticism Allowed’ (2015)

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I’ve become convinced that liberals and leftids literally cannot see the devastation wrought by their inside policies.

And I think we must regularly remind ourselves how blessed we were that Hillary Clinton did not become our president.


Next year we’ll have another chance to ruin our republic by electing some other far-out Democrat wacko. Our nooze media, Big Tech, Hollywood, and all the rest of them will do their damnedest to make sure it happens.

God help us if it does.

Democrat ‘Purity Tests’–Enough, Already

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Eat your heart out, Stan Laurel–this is a comedian! I wonder what kind of purity test he’d be able to pass. Feel free to speculate.

Now we’ve got a Trump-hating U.S. Senator and a Trump-hating, uh, comedian both saying Democrats have gone too far with their “purity tests” (https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2019/08/16/whitehouse-democrats-engage-in-way-too-much-purity-testing/).

And here I thought they were testing us for our tolerance for excruciatingly boring horses***.

What exactly is a Democrat purity test? I mean, I only heard the term this morning. It seems to be the current mob of candidates’ constant striving to outdo one another in apologizing for perceived wrongs, putting on a show of groveling confession–a la “Beeto” O’Rourke, singin’ the blues about his family’s sins prior to the Civil War: crikey, what an insect–and forcing one’s competitors to top it. Or should I say “bottom it”? ‘Cause it surely is a race for the bottom of the barrel.

But it’s a Democrat barrel, so maybe it has no bottom.

So much for today’s nooze.

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