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Hillary vs. Bernie: the Unlikeability Sweepstakes

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Depend upon it: two-time loser Hillary Clinton is a candidate for the Democrat presidential nomination. That’s why she’s begun to diss the other candidates, starting with out-and-out socialist Bernie Sanders (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/clinton-bernie-in-new-documentary).

Dig this quote. “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done [in the Senate]. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney…”

She also voiced some concerns for the “culture” that has grown up around her fellow Far Left Crazy candidate. You know–like that guy who, in between f-words, wants to burn down cities if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, and set up gulags for 60 million Trump supporters. How many like him would President Bernie bring into the government? We don’t want to find out, do we?

But Hillary! Get real. Who likes you? What did you ever get done in public office, aside from scooping up tons and tons of moolah for your Clinton Foundation? Who wants to work with you, without a food-taster?

Anyway, the challenge now is to find a Democrat, any Democrat, who is not hopelessly corrupt. Democrats are not from The Swamp. Democrats are The Swamp.

Tread them down, defeat them forever, in November.

NBC Nooze: Right Off the Deep End

I don’t know that I can translate this new NBC Nooze op-ed into plain English, but I’ll try. Let’s start with a quote.

“Trump voters motivated by racism may be violating the Constitution.” And voting for Trump may be “not just immoral, but illegal” (https://legalinsurrection.com/2020/01/too-stupid-for-words-nbc-news-op-ed-claims-voting-for-trump-not-only-racist-but-unconstitutional/).

First, how do they know a voter is “motivated by racism”? Does the voter say so? “My vote is motivated by racism!”

Second, in what way is voting for a candidate for the “wrong” reason “illegal”?

Because “racist appeals in union elections” have been ruled unconstitutional by the courts. What labor union is Donald Trump running for president of? “Shut up,” they explained.

Somehow I missed President Trump getting on the air and saying “Vote for me, and I’ll put [select a “race”] in their place.” Oh, wait a minute–he never said that, or anything even remotely resembling it. But never mind: NBC Nooze just knows he’s a racist. Mostly because everyone who’s not them is… a racist. Somehow.

So the noozies think they can, by some unspecified means, get inside the voters’ heads, and if they don’t like what they find there, those voters shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Hot dog.

Again, how do we know the voter is motivated by racism? Guess we’ll just have to take NBC’s word for it. Or construct what is known in logic as a sillygism. “Donald Trump is a racist.” He isn’t, but they say he is, so he must be. “Therefor, everyone who votes for him is a racist, too.”

Liberty is not something that left-wing noozies and the Democrat Party intend for us to keep.

Don’t ever forget that.

Memory Lane: Hillary as a Man

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The do-over was even worse.

Hoo boy! Remember this?

Unable to imagine how their idol, Hillary Clinton, could have lost the 2016 presidential election to hated-by-all-the-smart-people Donald Trump, a couple of professors at New York University, in 2017, staged a creative experiment (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=8889).

To test their theory that Hillary only lost because hateful stupid American voters were prejudiced against a woman, the profs re-enacted the presidential debate as close to verbatim as possible, down to facial expressions and hand gestures–with one difference. In the re-enactment, Donald Trump is a woman and Hillary Clinton is a man.

Imagine their horror when the audience found Hillary even more revolting as a man–downright “punchable,” one woman said–and Trump even more likeable as a woman.

So much for their theory. See? There is such a thing as a dumb political scientist.

I only refer back to this weird incident because I and several other observers think there’s a good chance Hillary will again be the Democrats’ presidential candidate.

She has not gotten more likeable since 2016. Let’s hope she takes the whole evil party down in flames with her.

Hillary: ‘Camp for Adults’

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Fun for… who?

I can’t see how I could have missed this story, back in 2015. Maybe the nooze media swept it under the rug.

Hillary Clinton, already anointed by the noozies as the odds-on favorite to succeed President *Batteries Not Included, said (at the time), “We have a huge fun deficit in America… We really need camps for adults” (http://www.truthandaction.org/clinton-need-put-adults-fun-camps-re-education/2/).

I listened to the video several times and did not hear her use the word “re-education.” Instead, she stressed that adults need “fun” and that such camps might provide it for them.

When contemplating a Hillary Clinton presidency, the word “fun” is not one that springs to mind. Unless it’s staking someone down on top of a fire ant mound, or something like that.

I concede the possibility that this was just idle talk from a gasbag politician, put the mouth on cruise control while the brain shuts down. But is that a habit we want to encourage in our presidents?

What this wicked woman said in 2015 has a bearing on 2020–because some of us think she’s running again, and, with only little left-wing munchkins to oppose her, she might again become the nominee.

Think she’ll mention “camps” again?

At this point we can’t say anything’s too far out there for a Democrat to endorse.

Crazy Bernie’s Crazy Troops

Video journalist James O’Keefe has published an interview he did with one Kyle Jurek, “field organizer” for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination at the Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee this summer, Jurek warns, “Milwaukee will burn” (https://twitter.com/JamesOKeefeIII/status/1217083949693968385). And if the police  try to “push back,” he adds, “it’ll be in other cities.” [Note: Every third word uttered by Mr. Jurek is a profanity starting with the letter f. I have not attempted to transcribe his remarks verbatim.]

Some would call this a terrorist threat, y’know. “You better nominate our guy, or we’ll burn down people’s homes and businesses!” Are there actual plans for an orgy of arson? Inquiring minds want to know.

Free education nationwide is needed, Jurek says: “We’re going to have to teach you how to not be a *** nazi.” He defends the gulag system set up in the USSR by Josef Stalin.

Remember–he works for a self-proclaimed socialist who went to the old Soviet Union for his honeymoon.

Meanwhile, depending on who you talk to, Kyle Jurek’s master is either No. 1 or No. 2 in the Democrat presidential polls. He wants to be your president.

I wonder what job Kyle will have in Bernie’s administration.

Pray we never come even close to finding out.

Bloomberg Pops His Cork

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He’s crazy, too

What kind of joy-juice do they make you drink, before they let you be a Democrat candidate for president?

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is a very successful businessman and was reasonably successful as mayor of New York City. And now he sounds like a candidate for a rubber room (https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jan/6/michael-bloomberg-sees-california-model-us/?utm_source=ForAmerica&fbclid=IwAR3OwgctVj0aLLaBIO7zz6iD-itIvZcktLTJQGAFuhsnsa_5nNff2Xtb0r8).

“California is a great example for the rest of this country,” babbled the daft ex-mayor.

Oh? You mean that state, the only state out of fifty, where they turn off your electricity for days at a time?

What a role model. Why, every state needs a disastrously failed high-speed rail project that gulps down billions of dollars at a swallow, never to be seen again. Every state needs millions of illegal aliens pouring in, demanding free stuff. And who doesn’t envy San Francisco, where the public sidewalks do double duty as latrines?

As mayor of New York, Bloomberg won lasting fame by trying to ban everything enjoyed by adults, from cigarettes to sodas. He has often aired his view that governments can and should use taxation as a means of behavior modification… ’cause, ya know, people do need their behavior modified by philosopher-kings.

But if he had ever run his business enterprises like the Democrats run California, we wouldn’t be hearing from him now.

He’d be just another homeless person taking a dump on the sidewalk.

Dems Still Trying to Figure Out How to Talk to Regular People

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So simple, even Joe can do it

They were going to address this problem back in 2017, but somehow that didn’t quite get done. So now it’s 2020, with a presidential election looming, winner take all–and it really is time Democrats learned how to talk to Middle America and everybody else who didn’t vote for them in 2016.

Dr. Phyllis Mumbo, professor of Intersectional Marxist Feminism at Alger Hiss Online University, and a long-time consultant for the Socialists ‘R’ Us Society, is looking to round up Democrat presidential and senatorial candidates for a special conference.

“It’s vital to the Party that we all learn how to talk to those wretched people who don’t have sense enough to support our candidates,” she said. “We have to find a nice, winsome way of telling them, and making them understand, that they’re all deplorables, racists, haters, bigots, knuckle-draggers, and morons. They honestly don’t realize how bad they are!

“They have to be made to realize that they can instantly be redeemed from their habitual state of loathsomeness by the simple expedient of voting for Democrats! Even they ought to be able to see that!”

But how do you go about getting people to think you like them and respect them, when really you despise them? How do you get them to pony up for policies that they think are poison for them and for their country?

“We have to develop enough discipline so that we can pretend that we don’t hate them,” Dr. Mumbo said. “We have to understand that unless we can actually get our people elected, we can do nothing. Winning elections–that comes first! And if we have to hold our noses and cozy up to these deplorable racist voters, and say things we absolutely don’t believe but that these stupid Bible thumpers want to hear–well, then, we do it! And once we’re safely in office, we can stop doing it.”

And so, she added, “Just get into the habit of saying a few things that will fool them into thinking that you’re on their side. ‘America already is great.’ ‘I love Christmas.’ ‘White people really aren’t all that awful.’ ‘Gee, I sure would like a beer!’ Stuff like that. Practice in front of a mirror. We’ll have our conference and say those things together.”

She smiles mischievously. “And then,” she adds, “after we win the White House and the Senate… it’s payback time!”

Warning: Breakers Ahead

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Democrats want their socialist, globalist, climate cult dictatorship and will do almost anything to get it: so 2020 is going to be a brutal year and we’d better be ready for it.

As we have abundantly and distressingly learned since 2016, there really is a Deep State, it does not believe that the American people ought to be allowed to choose the president, its interests diverge from the general good and guess which one they favor, and the only dirty trick they didn’t try in that election was assassination itself.

They manufactured phony “evidence,” paid for by the Clinton campaign, they used it to deceive a court and obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, bragged about a “coup” they intended to stage, harnessed the power of a monolithic and totally political nooze media, and have spent every day since Election Day of 2016 trying to overturn the results of that election. They haven’t stopped yet. They haven’t even paused.

They will destroy our republic, if that’s the only path they see to power. They don’t much like living in a republic anyway, unless it’s a soviet socialist republic.

It used to be just flashy rhetoric to liken Democrats to communists.

It isn’t anymore.

The Lord Our God defend us.

Biden: ‘We’re All Dead!’

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So this is the Democrat front-runner, the dithering doofus for whom millions of [plug in charitable word for “gavones”] are going to vote for president. Joe Biden.

At a rally in New Hampshire this weekend, Joe doddered his way back to the imaginary Climate Change Crisis and a person in the audience began to ask, “If we don’t stop using fossil fuels–”

“We’re all dead!” the candidate interrupted (http://xf.timebomb2000.com/xf/index.php?threads/biden-says-were-all-dead-if-dont-stop-using-fossil-fuels.565944/).

Again I ask, do leftists actually believe the s*** they say, or do they only say it because they think you will believe it? I mean, name a Climate Change big shot who doesn’t have a mansion, another mansion on the beach somewhere, a limo, and a private jet.

Does Biden even know or understand that the electricity he uses cannot be produced without burning some kind of fossil fuel? Where’s he gonna get a solar-powered private jet? But don’t hold your breath expecting any of these Far Left titans to give up even the most casual of their luxuries. All that giving up stuff is to be done by you, the undefended public.

Joe also said he’d go after oil company executives: “Put them in jail,” he said. “I’m not joking about this.”

Job One for 2020 is to keep all Democrats from gaining any kind of public office. Which is the bigger threat–their lunacy or their hypocrisy? Doesn’t really matter, does it?

Will the American people vote to disable their economy, abridge their own freedoms, and subject themselves to being governed by persons who despise them?

Democrats, noozies, and globalists intend to make it happen.

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 26 (‘Biden Wants to Sacrifice Jobs’)

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“You’re gonna need a bigger mouth.”

There isn’t enough money in the world to pay for all the lunatic projects proposed by our current crop of Democrats presidential wannabes.

Joe Biden Wants to Sacrifice Thousands of Jobs For a Green Economy

Hey, how about this? Pay reparations to everybody! Because we can pay for everything just by printing more money. Right?

I keep expecting to wake up and find out it was only a horrible dream, all these loons and losers vying to be president. But Joe Biden and the gang are only too real.

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