‘Alexa, Who’s the President?’

Even Alexa knows there’s no such animal as “President Biden,” and she’s only a machine. Here are some Cuban-American voters putting it to the test.

Pray that the whole country will soon have cause to celebrate President Trump’s re-election.

Commie Thugs Threaten President: ‘Concede or Else’

I don’t know how much credence to give to a “report” by someone who introduces it by trying to sell you a Genuine Israeli Army Gas Mask (!)–c’mon, no home should be without one–but this is 2020 and a lot of weird schiff happens. Like, for instance, we are asked to believe–or rather, told we must believe–that the American people have honest-to-pete elected a doddering fool to be their president. Is that any easier to believe than this “report”?

Anyhow, this guy offers up some Tweets by one “Adam Rahuba” in which the “Antifa leader” warns President Donald Trump that he’d better concede the election toot-sweet or else the Democrat blackshirts will invade “conservative areas” and burn down people’s homes, etc. (https://www.youtube.com/embed/fXnJ5IpmCpQ). Is it so hard to believe that a Democrat would say this?

But then we are also told that Rahuba is “a performance artist” and the whole thing was a prank to fool us silly conservatives (https://www.dailydot.com/debug/adam-rahuba-antifa-prank/). That isn’t especially hard to believe, either.

I’ll never understand why the government didn’t smash Antifa as soon as it first appeared. Maybe some of those crooks in the FBI and elsewhere in the Deep State were protecting them. That’s not hard to believe, either. While nobody did anything about it, the Democrat Party enjoyed several years in which to craft its new doctrine of mob rule and violence.

May God deliver us out of their ungodly hands, and give President Trump victory over all his enemies.

Democrats’ Hubris… Democrats’ Fall

Julius Caesar Story Timeline | Shakespeare Learning Zone

Julius Caesar… after his hubris caught up to him

Hubris is the stuff of which Greek and Shakespearean tragedies are made. It is defined as “excessive pride or self-confidence… in Greek tragedy, excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis.”

And our Democrats are bursting with it.

With the outcome of the election still in doubt, Democrats are claiming that they’ve won, Doddering Joe is now our president, all you Republicans–even the squishy ones who never supported Trump in the first place–are gonna get it in the neck; and all they’ve done is lie and cheat to steal it. Preposterous vote totals are laughed off as computer glitches, move on, there’s nothing to see behind the curtain, blah-blah.

Seventy million of us voted to re-elect Donald Trump–but we are asked to believe that Biden won: on the basis of such absurdities as after-midnight dumps of several hundred thousand ballots, each and every one of them filled out for Biden. You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that. To say nothing of the precincts where more Democrat votes were cast than there are residents. We’re not buying that one, either.

In tragedy the punishment for hubris is destruction.

May the true and living God, the judge of all the earth, smite them with perpetual defeat.

The Purge Begins

Dictatorships & Double Standards - Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, Commentary Magazine

Yesterday’s communists are today’s Democrats.

Oh, boy! A Fundamental Transformation of America–into a one-party socialist hell-hole.

WordPress has just announced that it will “de-platform” Conservative Treehouse–on the grounds of “incompatibility between your site’s content”–conservative free speech–“and our terms…” (https://michaelsavage.com/it-begins-conservative-treehouse-deplatformed-from-wordpress/).

What bunk. I have read WordPress’s “terms,” and there is nothing in there about politics. But after stealing the 2020 presidential election, Democrats are riding high and indulging themselves with fantasies of a one-party socialist state. And their friends in the social media–and social media platforms whose operators are afraid of what the Dems will do to them if they don’t knuckle under–are eager to help them do it.

This is the biggest and most audacious crime in American history, and it will not, and must not, stand. The evidence of voter fraud in this election is overwhelming. Too many people are involved, and sooner or later some of these birds will start to sing. They won’t want to go to federal prison just so doddering Joe Biden can be a figurehead president.

Meanwhile, I wonder how long it’ll take WordPress to work its way down to small, obscure blogs like ours. Conservative Treehouse has more than 200,000 subscribers. I don’t. But the Treehouse has pledged to continue its mission and “take this challenge head-on.”

We will not accept this wicked folly.

We want our country back. And if we have to take it back, we will.

Racing to Finish My Book–and Meanwhile! Justice is Coming!

Dying woolly mammoths were in 'genetic meltdown' : Nature News & Comment

I haven’t yet seen any woolly mammoths walking through my yard, but it is kind of cold today for me to be sitting outside, writing. But after three straight days of rain, and more in the short-term weather forecast, I have to use what sunshine I can get. The climactic scene has got to be written!

Meanwhile, take a gander at Citizens Free Press–the usurpers’ house of cards is crumbling.


Attorney and investigator Sidney Powell vows, “I’m going to release the kraken. I’m going to expose every one of them.” The kraken is a legendary sea monster, a gigantic squid that pulls down full-size ships for breakfast.

The theft of the 2020 presidential election, the biggest and boldest crime in American history, will not stand.

Pray hard, pray often–and prepare to see the salvation of the Lord.

Down with the Nooze Media!

CBS News anchor babble - YouTube

As much as I loathe Far Left politicians, and the annual crop of useful idiots they harvest from our colleges, I think I detest the media most of all. Because we need news reporters to let us know what’s happening–and all they do is lie.

This morning, over the car radio, we must’ve heard half a dozen different noozies insisting that all efforts to overturn this monstrous travesty of an election are totally futile, time for Trump to wave the white flag, Biden is yer president, you peasants… blah-blah-blah.

Don’t you get suspicious whenever you encounter a whole bunch of people with exactly the same opinion, expressed in exactly the same terms? That’s Diversity, brother! Gee, it’s like all these noozies came out of a vending machine, one after another.

Fear and panic over COVID-19 played a major role in this election. And who stoked those fires for the Democrats? Who dished out the fear porn? All day, every day–“You’re all gonna die unless you do what you’re told!” Same damned mantra that they chant for their bogus Climate Change. Same thing they tried with freakin’ measles a year or two ago. But this time, courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party, they finally found a scare tactic that really works.

Here’s one thing I can say for sure:

If the Democrats fail to make this scam stand up, if their crime is exposed and the so-called election overturned; if the fruit is snatched out of their hands just as they’re about to eat it…

That would be even sweeter than a landslide victory.

Defend us, O God! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 12 (‘Will Riots Scare Us into Surrender?’)

Image result for images of riots

Will anyone congratulate us for inventing a whole new political doctrine? Well, new for America, at least.

Whoever stages the biggest riot gets to run the country.

Will Riots Scare Us into Surrender?

Does anybody think that’s a good way to govern a modern republic with over 300 million people in it? Well, yeah–Democrats obviously think so. Certainly Black Lives Matter thinks so. They must get a real rush out of making people live in fear.

This travesty of an election must not stand. God defend us.

Why Conspiracies Fail

Kojak" Birthday Party (TV Episode 1976) - IMDb

I have a friend who’s a homicide detective in a major city. Unlike Kojak, he finds most of his murder cases fairly easy to solve.

“Y’know what it is?” he explains. “They just can’t keep their mouths shut! They have to tell somebody how smart they are, and what they got away with. Sooner or later they tell the wrong person, that person tells us, and we’ve got him.”

So who wants to go to jail for Joe Biden? The criminal caper to steal the 2020 presidential election required the efforts of perhaps thousands of people. Some of them are going to blab, once arrests start being made. It’s hard enough for three people to keep a secret. For three thousand, impossible. Even for three hundred, it’s impossible.

Of course, you could always stage your crime and then bump off all the little tools who helped you do it–bump ’em off before they have a chance to sing. That was Stalin’s method. But I think it’s now too late for the Democrats to do that. Someone might notice.

Remember–the best thing this crime has going for it is the sheer enormity of it. People can’t believe someone stole the presidential election. It boggles the mind.

But the evidence that it was done is overwhelming; and once the little birds start singing, the whole thing will collapse.

Writer ‘Warned Off’ Creating Black Characters

379 Anthony Horowitz Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Novelist and screenwriter Anthony Horowitz, who specializes in mysteries and thrillers, said he was “warned off” including black characters in his fiction because it “wasn’t appropriate” for white writers (https://www.thepassivevoice.com/spy-author-anthony-horowitz-warned-off-creating-black-character/). This little gem slipped past me in 2017.

I love Horowitz’s screenplays for such British TV classics as Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Midsommer Murders, and Foyle’s War, just to name three. His thrillers are always top-of-the-line.

But “they” told him he couldn’t have any black characters in his books.

The same “they,” some years earlier, engineered the firing and “investigation” of the creator of Midsommer Murders because… wait for it!…he didn’t include enough black characters in his screenplays.

So you’re guilty whether you do it or you don’t.

Now Britain is way ahead of us in the Hate Speech department, but if this travesty of a 2020 presidential election stands, expect American censors to run as hard as they can to catch up. We will see a race-hustling, racial grievance, censorship regime that will make Barack Obama’s efforts in that sphere look downright puny.

Oh! And Critical Race Theory will be brought back, big-time. That’s the ideology that says all white people are guilty of everything. Won’t that be fun? I suppose that’s how Democrats plan to “unite” us. By sowing racial strife. They’re good at that.

Meanwhile, how do you write any kind of fiction if you’re simultaneously not allowed to include certain kinds of characters, but ordered to do it under the threat of being “investigated”?

Leftism is the enemy of the human race and must be utterly defeated.

‘The Tattered Flag’ (2015)–and a Prayer


See the source imageWe don’t want to turn our country’s flag into an idol; but to treat it with disrespect is already to make it some kind of idol.

There was a lot of this during those evil days of *Batteries Not Included.

The Tattered Flag

Please join me in prayer.

O Lord our God! For Jesus’ sake, have pity on our country and our flag: have pity on us. We have sinned, and now the Philistines gloat over us: these Democrats, who hate you for our sake and hate us, your people, for your sake. They have succeeded in stealing a presidential election–a crime which they bragged of before they committed it.

O Lord! Don’t let this stand! With you all things are possible: therefore snatch this fruit from their hands before they can bite into it, expose their crime, and drive them into perpetual defeat and extinction once and for all: and call us to a national repentence–because our sins, our folly, got us into this wretched predicament in the first place. In Jesus’ name, and by the power of Jesus’ name: Amen.