Do We Believe in Talking Snakes?

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Yesterday I stumbled upon a bunch of atheist websites that mock Christians for “believing snakes can talk.” See, if we believe the Bible is true, then we must believe that Adam and Eve, in the Garden, had conversations with a serpent.

Oooooh–they’ve got us there! If we were Smart, we’d believe in Progress and World Government and Education. Stuff like that.

There were some timorous attempts to defend the Bible narrative as “a metaphor.” Like, of course it didn’t really happen as described, this was just how ancient people thought and we don’t think that way anymore because we’re so Smart, blah-blah.

I don’t think it’s a metaphor at all.

Satan, a spirit, wished to talk to Eve and lure her into disobedience to God. He chose to use a serpent as his vessel. Why not? You can’t do it, I can’t do it; but we’re not spirits. Satan has no physical body of his own. He has to use a body that’s already there.

There are things spoken of in the Bible that are far beyond our experience and understanding. The same fleshly beings that produced Let’s Make a Deal are never going to be hip to all that happens in the Bible. Anyone who tells you that he understands it all is just gassing you.

Fear the serpent if it speaks to you: ’cause it ain’t Charlie the Garter Snake talking, and you’d better not listen.

5 comments on “Do We Believe in Talking Snakes?

  1. This is where faith comes in. We either believe what the Scriptures state; those things that are understood by our finite minds and those that are not, or we try to pick and choose; a practice which is very dangerous.

  2. How about a lively Sunday morning song to encourage us? It is Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory just occurred to me.

  3. Milton handles this beautifully in Paradise Lost. He has Satan enter the body of a serpent and then use the fact that the serpent is (apparently) talking as part of his temptation ploy to Eve: “See? I ate from the tree, and not only didn’t I die but I was elevated to the point where I can now reason and speak like a human being. You, too, will be elevated if you eat from the tree. You will be like a god.” (I’m paraphrasing here, of course.)

  4. Satan is pretty good talking through donkeys, and I don’t mean Balam’s 🙂 . The Bible says after God cursed the serpent it then had to live withering on the ground, so it had a different form when enticing Eve.

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