King David’s Mother

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Who was Jesse’s wife?

The question just popped into my head yesterday: “Who was King David’s mother?” The Bible doesn’t tell us her name. And that’s odd, because we are given the names of many kings’ mothers, none of whom was as important as David.

According to a tradition in the Talmud, her name was Nitzevet, daughter of Adael ( But the Bible does make mention of her: in Psalm 86:16; and then in 1 Samuel 22: 3-4, David asks the king of Moab to provide sanctuary for his father and his mother.

Why are we not told more about her? I’m sure there are things that were left out of the Bible because they were so well known, at the time, that it wasn’t necessary to discuss them. Still, the mother of King David–well, as my friend Pastor Mark once said, the Bible tells us everything we need to know, but it doesn’t tell us everything we might want to know.

‘Render Unto Caesar’: A Trap Avoided

In Luke 20:23-25 Jesus requested a coin and then asked the crowd whose  image was on it. They replied that it was “Caesar's.” Severa… | Ancient  coins, Coins, Coinage

It was a trap set by the Pharisees and their customary rivals, the Herodians. But on this one thing they agreed: the man called Jesus must be stopped.

So they asked Him, “Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?”

If He says no, the Romans will come gunning for Him. If He says yes, Jewish patriots will despise Him as a collaborator. This was a deadly trap set by Christ’s enemies to destroy Him. We need to appreciate that. The question was designed to have no right answer, and the wrong answer was intended to destroy Him.

Greg Uttinger wrote this article for Chalcedon’s print magazine back in 2004. We still live in times when Caesar lays claim to everything.

But Jesus says give Caesar back what properly is owed to him and belonged to him in the first place: but everything is God’s.

‘For His Mercy Endureth Forever’ (Rushdoony)

Psalms 136:1 Inspirational Image

Do we need God’s mercy?

We wouldn’t last five minutes without it!

Psalm 136, “For His mercy endureth forever,” inspired this essay by R.J. Rushdoony, published in the Chalcedon Magazine 20 years ago. God’s mercy lasts forever, he asked; how long does our mercy last?

Too many Christians think of God as if He were a spare tire kept in the trunk of their car, Rushdoony wrote: great to have in an emergency, but otherwise something that they never think about.

Well, I find that psalm inspiring, too. If you read my Bell Mountain books, you know I use it as the anthem for King Ryons’ army.

Let us try to widen the embrace of our own mercy.

Were Giants Ever Real?

Furahan Biology and Allied Matters: The anatomy of giants in 'Game of  Thrones': did they get it right?

Even sitting down, he’s huge…

I’ve been thinking about giants lately. Were they real? Could they ever have been real?

The Bible has giants in it, throughout the Old Testament–lasting into historical times, in places like Gath, Hebron, and Bashan. Greek and Norse mythology is full of giants. And folklore all over the world offers tales of giants.

What is a giant? At 5’11”, Herman Melville was the tallest man aboard a certain whaling vessel. At 7 feet tall and change, Wilt Chamberlain dominated professional basketball. But if it gets much taller than that, you’re probably talking about a glandular or a genetic defect that’s going to keep you from reaching your 70th birthday: thank of Andre the Giant.

The giants in the Bible are truly colossal; and although no one has ever found a giant’s skeleton, or a giant’s weapons or armor, the Near East has several sites where normal-sized men created facsimiles of giants’ footprints, carving them in stone and placing them near public buildings.

Just because people lived a long time ago doesn’t mean they were stupid. So why did so many of them believe in giants, if there was no such thing as a giant? If no one could ever have seen a giant, why did so many different peoples, all over the world, preserve and hand down so many stories about giants?

The mark of the Anunnaki? Meet the GIANT footprints of Ain Dara - RiseEarth

These prints are obviously not real. But why did someone go to the trouble of carving them? Why display them in a busy public area?

Then again, maybe the whole thing was just some kind of advertising.

But how could there have been so many stories about giants, and no giants? Is it possible for a human body to function, beyond a certain size? Or did people in Biblical times use “giants” as a metaphor? Metaphors have probably been around even longer than giants.

We accept the Bible as being always true. But we grant that Bible writers sometimes used figures of speech that are not meant to be taken literally. Nor would Bible writers living 3,000 years ago have needed to explain certain things to their audience–things that only confuse us today. A lot of knowledge can be lost in three millenia.

I add, finally, that even as a little child, I never believed the Jolly Green Giant was real.

‘So There Never Was an Israel?’ (2016)

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After you’ve heard enough college professors preach that there’s no such thing as objective truth, maybe you come to believe it. And you can deny that the kingdom of Israel ever existed.

So There Never Was an Israel?

It used to be only crazy people denied plainly observable facts. Many countries in the Ancient Near East had dealings with Israel and Judah, and records of those dealings have survived. The existence of Israel is beyond dispute.

But now it’s not just lunatics who deny what’s right in front of them.

Of the Devil, Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “The truth is not in him.” Seems like the devil’s got a bumper crop of fans, these days.

We pray for an end to this evil age.


Bible Contradiction? Who is the first and the last? — The Domain for Truth

For today’s post we will tackle the question the Skeptic Annotated Bible asked: Who is the first and the last? Here are the answers which the skeptic believes indicate a Bible contradiction: God ““Listen to Me, O Jacob, even Israel whom I called; I am He, I am the first, I am also the last.” […]

via Bible Contradiction? Who is the first and the last? — The Domain for Truth

From our friend, SlimJim, who’s been whacking away at the Skeptic Annotated Bible.

Jesus said, “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30). End of contradiction.

Now Faith = Now Blessings — Christian Magazine – Godinterest

The goal of every believer is to please God. We are told that faith is what pleases God. It gives substance to the things we hope for and makes them tangible. Faith opens the door to God’s favour and shows our dependence on Him. The Bible tells us we’ve all been given a measure of faith,…

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This has long been one of my favorite Bible verses: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)

‘Regeneration, Not Revolution’

Martin Selbrede | heroinamerica

If the problem is the human heart, all the tweaking of the “system” won’t solve any of its problems. They can only be solved if people change. Not the “system.” The people.

You’d think that would be simple enough to understand; but it’s overlaid by many centuries’ worth of serious-sounding blah-blah–unpacked by Martin Selbrede in his essay for The Chalcedon Report. There’s a lot he has to unpack, but stay with it: there is wisdom here.

The whole conception is wrong, Martin explains, because it arises from the notion that “Evil is external to us, but intrinsic to the world.” This lets man off the hook and allows him to say he’s a victim, not a perpetrator.

A bad diagnosis can only lead to a bad cure. In this fallen world, the cure most often served up to us is revolution. Burn it all down! And what we build on the rubble will be paradise!

A quote to take away: “Revolutions merely shuffle the deck using the same cards.”

That’s why they always lead to mass graves and barbed wire.

Spend some time just looking forward to it. — Serve Him in the Waiting

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Not exactly a reblog, but close enough! Welcome, S.T. Lloyd!

‘Jesus Said, “It Is Not for You to Know”‘ (2016)

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Just before the risen Christ ascended to Heaven, some of His followers asked Him if now He was going to restore the kingdom to Israel. Now as in right now.

Jesus Said, ‘It Is Not for You to Know’

How many times did the Lord warn us that His return would take the whole world by surprise? What part of “It is not for you to know” don’t we understand? Really–as if the whole thing was only about setting up another kingdom in Israel. Like this time it’ll be different?

Christ’s business was the salvation of the entire human race, and only God the Father knows the timetable. Jesus said we would be taken when we least expect it, and urged us to live in such a way that we would always be ready for it.

But false prophecy has always been with us.