‘Under My Wings’

Hens shelter their chicks under their wings; even so, God shelters us, the Bible teaches. The lesson is found in Psalm 91, and repeated by Our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 23.

I guess I’ve seen too many videos: the more I see of chickens, and learn about them, the more I admire them. I could never raise them so I could eat them. I’ll be the ninny whose living room is overrun with chickens.

‘Is the Bible Just Stories?’ (2015)

I post this every now and then for those of us who get frustrated, dealing with supposed Christians who don’t believe the Bible.

Is the Bible Just Stories?

Oh, they want the world to love them! They’re like Republican Congressmen who cast weak-kneed and timorous votes, always giving in to Democrats because they live in hope that the nooze media might someday drop a favorable remark in their direction. Got news for you, though: the fallen world will never love you. Even the most loosey-goosey, good-time, rock-and-roller sort of-Christian will never make it on NPR. And it isn’t worth trying to.

So, no, they’re not just stories.

If you want fake stories, try the nooze media.

Read Rushdoony (It’ll Blow Your Mind)

Politics of Guilt and Pity: Rushdoony, Rousas John: 9781879998070: Amazon.com: Books

Yesterday my wife asked a hard question: “All these people who say they want communism–don’t they see what communism does?”

Also yesterday my editor, Susan, suggested I revisit R.J. Rushdoony’s Politics of Guilt and Pity. So I opened the book, which I’d last read at least 20 years ago–and wow!

“Many persons do not reveal their personal masochism, but they do participate in mass masochism through political and economic views and activities (!) calculated to fulfill the urge to mass destruction” (Pg. 4-5, 1995 edition).

Rushdoony wrote that line in 1970. Yes, 1970, over 50 years ago.

So the answer to the question is, Yes, they do see what communism does–police state, economic stagnation, gulags and all–and that, whether they realize it or not, is what they desire: because they are tormented by guilt that cries out for atonement; but having separated themselves from Jesus Christ, our only Savior, they find this atonement impossible to achieve. They expect the state to achieve it for them, but it can’t.

I’ve got to read this book again: I’m 20 years readier for it than I was the first time.

You can read it, too. Check the Chalcedon website and store at http://www.chalcedon.edu/ .

Is Daniel for Real? (Christian Blogger)

Daniel In The Lions Den Paintings | Fine Art America

Today we have S.J. Thomas defending the legitimacy of the Book of Daniel on her blog, christianapologist.com .

Daniel in the Liberal Revisionists’ Lions’ Den: When, Where, and Who Wrote the Book of Daniel?

Bible-bashing liberals have been trying to tear down Daniel for centuries. As R.J. Rushdoony observed, they are deeply “offended” by the accurate details of Daniel’s prophecy and have spent 1,800 years trying to prove it’s a hoax.

Too bad the Dead Sea scrolls support the age and the authenticity of Daniel. Josephus, too.

But if we are Christians, or Jews, we trust Daniel because if the book weren’t true, it wouldn’t be included in the Bible. And if we read our history, we can see how Daniel’s prophecies came true.

[I try to showcase the work of other Christian bloggers. Big Tech suppresses our viewership, so we have to help each other.]

Psalm 74: ‘Arise, O God’

I’ve been meaning to post this Psalm for some days now. Like Psalm 73–both of them are by Asaph–No. 74 seems to go right to the heart of today’s concerns and tribulations.

In Psalm 73, Asaph expresses his frustration at seeing how the wicked prosper in this world, but then reminds himself, sternly, that all that wealth and power counts for nothing with God.

Here, in No.74, Asaph can’t help wondering why God seems to be doing nothing while wicked people blaspheme His name and vandalize His Church. And who of us has never asked about that? “Arise, O God, and plead thine own cause!” cries Asaph. Lord, why do you tolerate this stuff? How long is it to go on?

You can’t live in this fallen world and never say or think those words. Especially now.

Does the Bible not assure us that God is, by our standards, astonishingly patient and long-suffering? And it’s a good thing He is, or we’d have all been wiped out long ago. God is not willing for anyone to perish, says St. Peter, but rather that all should come to repentance. And Ezekiel teaches the same.

God understands our spiritual anguish. That’s why Asaph’s psalms are in the Bible.


Hear It, Heed It: Psalm 73

My daily Bible reading yesterday brought me to Psalm 73, and it went straight to my heart. I hope it stays there.

God help us! How often do we envy the prosperity of the wicked? They’ve got it made! Who restrains them from evil? Why do they never seem to get punished, no matter what they do?

Ah. But God’s gonna cut them down. Meanwhile He is with us, He hears our prayers, He has prepared a place for us. But the wicked and the ungodly “whose eyes stand out for fatness” will have no place in His Kingdom. Their riches won’t save them. They can’t mandate their way out of Hell. They can’t buy off the Righteous Judge.

God has not forgotten us.

‘The Great Fear and the Great Faith’ (Chalcedon Podcast)

Why a Strong Network Foundation Is Needed to Support Emerging Tech | BizTech Magazine

Can anyone deny that the time we’re living in today is burdened with its own Great Fear? COVID, Climate Change, Systemic Racism–oh, woe, we’re all gonna die! Unless, of course, we give the government more power. And lots and lots more money.

But what is the answer, the antidote, to the Great Fear? Can it be shut off before it leads to a reign of terror?

Mark Rushdoony, Martin Selbrede, and Andrea Schwartz–my honored colleagues at Chalcedon–discuss that in this recent podcast:


It’s about an hour long.

The wicked and the ungodly are running wild today–and they are feeding off the Great Fear that they themselves have sown!

Asks Psalm 11, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Our answer: “Build Biblical foundations, founded on God’s word; and these will not be destroyed.”

King Rehoboam–and the Democrats

See the source image

Sometimes unrelated things fit so perfectly together, you can’t help thinking there’s a purpose to it.

This week’s elections were a thorough shellacking of the Democrats and an emphatic rejection of their whole Far Left Crazy program–ruptured borders, high energy prices, inflation, fomenting racial fear and hatred, insane government spending, and “mandate” after mandate: by and large, America hates what they’re selling. 

But how did they respond? Well, they doubled down on it, didn’t they? “We’ll show you deplorables!” They’re going to go right ahead, as far and as fast as they can.

At the same time, my daily Bible reading brought me to 1 Kings, Chapter 12–the story of Rehoboam, son of Solomon.

King Solomon’s famous building program wore out the people of Israel; and when he died and Rehoboam took his place, the people pleaded with the new king to ease up on them.

Rehoboam’s older advisers counseled him to listen to the people, cut their taxes, give them some breathing space–and then the people would be happy to serve him as their king. But the young men in his court advised him to threaten and coerce the people–“My father scourged you with whips, but I will scourge you with scorpions” (v. 15). And that was the end of the kingdom founded by David and Solomon. Ten of the twelve tribes revolted from Rehoboam and never came back. Indeed, when Rehoboam sent out his tax collecter, the people stoned the man to death (v. 18).

To anyone in government the message should be clear: you can only exasperate the people for so long before they turn against you–and only brute force will keep them down. You can govern without the consent of the governed, but it’ll be ugly.

And to those of us who follow history, there is another lesson that’s quite clear–the big shots almost never listen to the people. They always have to be pulled off their thrones before they even notice that their people are angry with them.

Rehoboam will not listen. He will not change his policy. Don’t waste time pleading with him. Just take away his power.


‘Luke 10–Mary and Martha’ (Christian Blogger)

I think we can all feel for Martha, in Luke 10–doing all the work of preparing a dinner while her sister, Mary, just sits down and listens to Jesus.

Luke 10- Mary and Martha

But regardless of what else is going on, it’s terribly important to make time to hear the Lord. Jesus’ rebuke of Martha was gentle and loving–yes, He really loved this friend–but very much to the point.

We have this from the Unashamed of Jesus blog. Christian bloggers, I feel strongly, have to help each other to spread the word.

Messianic Prophecy, With Trinity, in Isaiah 48: 12-16 (Christian Blogger)

Again we visit our friend Slimjim’s “Domain for Truth” blog, to examine a prophecy by Isaiah featuring, we think, the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and an introduction to the Holy Trinity.

Fascinating: Messianic Prophecy and Trinity in Isaiah 48:12-16

How many times does Jesus say this in the Gospel–“the Lord God has sent Me”? But we hear it first in Isaiah.

There’s always something new to find in Bible study.

I display posts by fellow Christian bloggers because I think it’s very important that we help each other spread the word. There are those who try to hold us back.