‘Luke 6–Jesus Is Our Rock’ (Christian Blogger)

I’m still saying Christian bloggers have to help each other. There are people out there who are trying to keep our message from getting out. They suppress our readership. But we can help each other by re-posting or re-blogging each other’s posts.

We have this from the “Unashamed of Jesus” blog:

Luke 6- Jesus Is Our Rock

Why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? (Luke 6:46-48)

This is a serious question that Jesus asks, and you can be sure He’s still asking it today. Anyone can call himself a Christian–and then go out and ignore the Lord’s teaching… or even actively oppose it.

Jesus warns us not to build on sand, without Him as the foundation. He warns us not to put our faith in things of this world, because that foundation will surely fail us when we need it most.

But to build on Him, and on His word, is to build upon a rock; and that foundation will endure.

‘Why Was Jesus’ Baptism Important?’ (Christian Blogger)

The Baptism of Jesus

Please welcome “The Christian Tech-Nerd” to our circle. I don’t know her name, but she’s young, she has a Christian blog, and she’s one of us.

Here she discusses the baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ. When you think about it… why should He have had to be baptized at all?

Why Was Jesus’ Baptism Important?

It’s one of those things you read about in the Bible over and over again–and you just accept it because you’ve heard this story since you were a kid in Sunday school and no one ever said you had to think about it. Well, we all need to read the Bible more alertly than we do! There’s so much to be gained.

What Would God Have Done If…?

Why ancient Rome kept choosing bizarre and perverted emperors - Vox

Their power could not save them.

In Genesis 18, God reveals to Abraham his intention to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for their outrageous sins. Trying to bargain for mercy toward those cities, Abraham asks God if He will still destroy Sodom if only “ten just men” can be found in it; and God replies, “I will not destroy it for ten’s sake” (v. 32).

Well, there weren’t ten just men in that whole city, so God did destroy it. But what if there had been ten just men in Sodom? Even with them in it, the city was still a cesspool of sin. What would God have done?

I think we can find the answer in the New Testament, and in Church history.

Once upon a time, people in countries throughout the Mediterranean saw Rome as a force for good. But by St. Paul’s time, that was no longer true. Rome had corrupted itself, and was too far gone to be saved. So God turned His back on it. “God gave them over to a reprobate mind” (Romans 1:28), leaving Rome to pursue its sins and follies to the bitter end. A more terrible punishment cannot be imagined.

But at the same time, He patiently worked to create, in His Church, a parallel society. He used His saints to build it. The more Rome persecuted the Church, the more it grew. And when the end of Rome finally came, Christendom was there to replace it.

Today the nations of the world have again corrupted themselves–promoting “transgender,” for instance, as if their very lives depended on it. This is not sane. This is a reprobate mind at work.

So again Christians have their work laid out for them, to create another parallel society to replace a world given over to a reprobate mind. We need to build Christian homeschooling, Christian schools, Christian charities, and a Christian community worldwide, using modern communications to accomplish it. God will help us do these things.

This is a pattern in history and in Scripture. The faithful remnant is called upon to do God’s work. The kingdoms of this world rise and fall, but Christ’s Kingdom will not fall. Its seeds are already in the ground, already growing.

We have God’s word on it. When Jesus comes again, let Him find us at our posts, working diligently for His Kingdom.

‘Balaam and the Ass’ (2017)

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Liberals mock us for believing that the miracles recorded in the Bible really happened. No Reputable Bible Scholar would be caught dead believing that.

And one of the miracles that offends them most is the story of Balaam and the ass in Numbers 22.

Balaam and the Ass

Balaam’s sin was to sell the gift of God–the exceedingly rare gift of prophecy–as if it were only merchandise. Having refused to listen to his own conscience, God had the prophet rebuked by the ass–in those days, the least prestigious of domestic animals. Balaam continued to try to go against God’s will and eventually paid with his life. He really should’ve listened to the ass.

Yes, we believe the report.

Some of the things those scholars believe are a real hoot.

By Request, ‘That Wonderful Savior’

Requested by Erlene, sung by Donna Roberson, introduced by Carroll Roberson: That Wonderful Savior. The lesson is from John 4, Jesus and the Samaritan woman–one of my favorite chapters in the Bible.

‘To Be Raptured, Or Not To Be Raptured’ (2013)

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Whether the Rapture is real or not, one thing I’m sure of–crouching under the pews waiting for it benefits no one but the Enemy.

So many of my friends and family, and fellow servants in Christ’s household, believe in the Rapture. And many do not. Some great theologians accept it. Other great theologians reject it.

To Be Raptured, or Not to be Raptured

I can’t find any support for this doctrine in the Bible. It ought to be there, in both Testaments. But fighting over this with other Christians is hardly a good use of our time on earth. God has richly endowed us with real enemies who want to wipe out the Church everywhere.

“Occupy until I come” (Luke 19:13), as taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, remains the best procedure.

‘The Grace of God’ (Christian Blogger)


We continue to do our best to give exposure to the work of our fellow Christian bloggers and, hopefully, to add to their readership. Big Tech is whittling down our audience, so we have to help each other.

Today’s essay on the Grace of God comes from our friend and colleague SlimJim from his blog, Veritas Domain.

God’s attribute: The Grace of God Part 2

Here we learn that “grace” is possessed and employed by all three Persons of the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–as clearly taught throughout the Bible; and that “grace” is best understood as “unmerited favor,” God’s free gift to us. We don’t deserve it, but we have it!

It’s a long lesson, but full of spiritual nourishment.

Kristi Ann with John 3:16 (Christian Bloggers)

I continue my campaign of bringing increased exposure to Christian bloggers and their blogs. It doesn’t seem I have much to contribute, “but such as I have, give I thee.”

Kristi Ann’s Haven has a lot of Bible verses for us, starting with John 3:16… “For God so loved the world…”


You’re sure to find something in here that resonates with you today.

Clueless–in the Bible (Judges 17-18)

Sumerian Ceramic Idol Figure w/ TL sold at auction on 30th August |  Bidsquare

Every now and then, the Bible tells us a story that makes us raise our eyebrows and say “What???”

Judges 17 tells of a man of Ephraim who steals a great sum of silver from his mother, then gives it back; and they’re both so happy, they decide together to use some of the silver to create a molten idol. So much for the Second Commandment.

Next, they hire a Levite to be the priest for their shelf-full of idols. The Levites were entrusted with God’s word. There’s no hint that anybody involved in this transaction took that seriously.

In Judges 18, along comes an army of Danites looking for new land. They steal the silver idol and for good measure make off with the hired Levite, too: he’s looking to move up in the world. Once they get to where they’re going, they set up the silver idol as a god that they can worship, and the bent Levite settles in as their priest.

Dig the last verse of Chapter 17:

“Then said Micah [the idiot who stole the silver and set up the idol in the first place], Now know I that the LORD will do me good, seeing I have a Levite to my priest.”

Wow. Even in this present age, spiritually polluted beyond anything many of us thought possible, you can’t beat that for sheer cluelessness!

He steals from his mother. They set up an idol, to worship it. They find a corrupt Levite who doesn’t know the Ten Commandments, or just completely disregards them. And “the LORD will do me good”??? Really?

Churches, take warning. This bell tolls for thee.


‘Receive the Holy Spirit’ (Christian Blogger)

Acts 19 - The Disciples Who Had Not Heard of the Holy Spirit!

We have this today from the Unashamed of Jesus blog,

Acts 19- Receive The Holy Spirit

In Acts 19, the early church in Ephesus had not yet even heard of the Holy Spirit and had only the baptism of John. Paul supplied what they were missing.

Without me you can do nothing, Jesus said. We have big things, daunting things, to do in this world; and we can’t do them without the Lord.  “If we want to see the power of God in the Church,” concludes the blogger, “we need the Holy Spirit!” Amen.

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