So What’s Plan C?

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Lord Chutt, one of the villains in my Bell Mountain series–Can I say “award-winning series?” Can I do that?–has a fault: he can never imagine anyone behaving in any way but just as he would behave in the same situation. If he leaves his friends in the lurch, or betrays his country–well, heck, that’s what anyone would do.

Chutt has somehow transmitted that fault to the Democrat Party. They think anything that makes sense to them will make sense to everybody; so any dodge that’ll work on them will work on everybody.

Plan A was Russian Collusion. Well, Mueller made a pig’s breakfast out of that. So now they’re on to Plan B–Call Everyone a Racist. Do it every day for over a year, and be rewarded with a sweeping triumph in next year’s elections.

They reason as Lord Chutt would reason. Call a Democrat a racist, and instantly he resorts to flagrant groveling and extravagant apologies, never mind if the accusation is totally false. And he will do anything, he will vote for any crazy public policy no matter how it damages the country, to prove he’s not a racist.

That’s how they think America will react to their railing accusations of national racism. America will react as they themselves react.

Warning! There are already subtle indications that Plan B will go belly-up sooner than they think. Behind the scenes, while the cries of “Racist! Racist!” continue to echo through the newsrooms and the $50,000-a-plate dinners, party apparatchiks and media presstitutes are trying to cobble together a Plan C. Just in case this racist thing runs out of gas.

What will it be? What would Lord Chutt do?

Our esteemed colleague “Watchman” thinks the next big Democrat thing might be “Recession! There’s gonna be a recession! And it’s all Donald Trump’s fault! Vote for Bernie/Beto/Pocahontas/Spartacus [fill in the socialist wacko of your choice] before the whole country goes under! Only Big Government and Open Borders and real high taxes can save us!”

I think Watchman might have something there. Alleged comedian Bill Maher has been praying to Lenin for a recession–who cares if the country suffers, as long as Democrats win? It doesn’t seem like he’s the only one.

Whatever Lord Chutt would do, and I don’t know what it’d be, it would be two-faced, cowardly, selfish… and in the end it wouldn’t work.


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  1. Lord Chutt amazes me how he divvies out his gold while sitting on a huge pile of it. It seems he would go whole hog and build his temple and assassinate anyone who got in his way. Maybe the Dems are waiting for some kind of October surprise (a huge crash in the Stock Market?). The only problem with that is the Att. Gen. Barr investigation, John Durham’s investigation, and Michael Horiwitz Inspector General Report are coming out before the 2020 election which will reveal how utterly corrupt the Dem’s idol Obama really was/is.

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