‘Why Is Fantasy So Mean to Women?’ (2015)

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Oh, come on now! What was the publisher thinking?

I love good fantasy; but there’s enough truly rotten fantasy published every year to line the whole world’s bird cages several times over.

Not that it’s anywhere near the only thing that bad fantasy gets wrong, but it is perhaps the most annoying thing: its treatment of women. If a female character in a stupid fantasy is not The Invincible Female Warrior, you can be sure she’s in for a hard time.

Why Is Fantasy So Mean to Women?

Ordinary family life taught me that this vision was preposterous. The Bible teaches me that it’s wrong.

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  1. I so enjoy how the women are depicted in the Bell Mountain series. The Bible warns husbands to treat their wives properly or their prayers will be hindered.

    It is a real contrast to me how in the 50 majority Muslim countries women are required to dress modestly (some are hidden except their eyes) and in the western countries women are free to bare as much flesh as they choose (some go topless on NY subways). And yet the Left in the West and the Right in Islam work together to destroy America.

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