Now You’ve Gotta Be a Mind Reader…

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You can’t hide your secrets from the cards!

Man shoots another man. There’s a witness. Defendant’s fingerprints are all over the gun. So he’s tried and found guilty.

Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut! That was only because of “implicit bias” and “implicit racism” on the part of the jury! So the Washington State Supreme Court has sent the case back to the trial court and called for an investigation of the jurors’ subconscious minds ( Or something like that.

See, the defendant was black, and 11 members of the jury weren’t. The one black juror held out for “Not Guilty,” insisting that the defendant must’ve taken the gun from the murderer and that’s why his prints were all over it… only then she caved in and voted “Guilty” because all the other jurors subjected her to “derision.” Musta been because of their implicit systemic subconscious racism.

No one has suggested that perhaps the lone black juror had a bias in favor of the black defendant. Well, all right, I’m suggesting it. Shouldn’t we have a tarot reading for her, too? Or should all the jurors be questioned under hypnosis? Maybe use a ouija board. That subconscious stuff is notoriously difficult to winkle out.

If anyone publicly suggested that no black juror can fairly judge a case involving a black defendant, that person would be tarred and feathered in the nooze media and every Democrat presidential candidate would denounce him as a racist and cite him as proof that America is a no-good lousy racist hellhole, etc.

Say the same thing about white jurors and white defendants, and you’re a Social Justice Warrior. You are woke.

Well, maybe nobody can do anything fairly and honestly and that’s why we  need Open Borders and the Green New Deal.

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  1. The Dems tell us America was founded as a racist nation and it is just as racist today. One elitist judge says President Trump is trying to reverse the outcome of the Civil War. Now if it is illegal to yell fire in a crowded theater, shouldn’t it be illegal to yell racist in a racist country?

    1. Democrats can only prosper in chaos. They need the country to be unsettled, and they work to make it so. They have earned our most profound contempt.

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