‘Who’s Buried in Alexander’s Tomb?’

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The ancient world was full of all sorts of neat stuff that you can’t find anymore. All those fabulous treasures that Herodotus saw with his own eyes, and described for us… and the well-preserved body of Alexander the Great.

Back in 1991, a Greek archaeologist made a big splash for a couple days by claiming to have discovered where the body was hidden.

Who’s Buried in Alexander the Great’s Tomb?

It seems reasonable to suppose that if it was still kicking around 500 years after Alexander’s death, it could have survived even longer, provided no one messed around with it. Alexander’s mother hated his father, so she taught him that his real father was Zeus, king of the gods–not that glorified peasant, Philip of Macedon.

It’s not good for anyone to believe things like that.

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  1. I’m suggesting that the tomb can’t be found because it wound up right underneath Jimmy Hoffa. Now if only we can find Jimmy Hoffa’s whereabouts….

  2. No one – but there are parchments made of copper with treasure maps that are still readable if you know ancient Greek. There is also a bridge along the Arkansas River that is for sale.

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