Censored Again

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Literally within seconds of my attempt to post it, Facebook censored my post, “NPC Satire Singes Democrat Doofus.” Here’s what they said–and I hope the picture of the happy puppies will enable me to slide this one past the Facebook censor.

“Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”

What “other people” even had time to view the post, much less report it as abusive?

Think I’d’ve gotten censored if I’d called Donald Trump a doofus? (Hint: no way!)

If any of you want to try sharing my doofus post on Facebook, please let me know if you succeed.

11 comments on “Censored Again

  1. The fall flowers with the puppies remind me…of Abgayle and her tribute to the throne of the returning King 🙂

    1. A minister in California (where else?) was fired for saying Bruce Jenner’s still a man and homosexuality is still a sin.
      What kind of church fires its minister for that?

  2. The Big Tech social media company shadow bans a lot of content automatically that has “NPC” mentioned…
    Shame on them though!

    1. If its satire about Republicans, its freedom of speech. Satire on the LEFT? It’s “hate speech” and fake news…

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