Leaked: Facebook Censoring ‘Vaccine Hesitation’

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You know why I show happy puppy pictures with posts like this one.

Two Facebook “insiders” have leaked to Project Veritas documents stating the tech giant’s intention to track and censor “vaccine hesitancy” (https://granthshala.com/facebook-whistleblowers-leak-documents-revealing-effort-to-censor-vaccine-hesitancy-report/). Because they don’t think you should be allowed to read any discouraging words about any COVID-19 vaccine.

What? We have a right to hear only one side of the discussion? Well, that’s Big Tech’s usual M.O., isn’t it? No debate–“The science is settled!” Like it always is. And settled their way, no one else’s.

These vaccines were rushed into production, they have not yet been officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration–well, you know what you get when you mix science and politics. You just get politics.

Facebook and the rest of these Big Tech overlords need to be taught they don’t have any right or authority to control public opinion. If Congress is afraid to rein them in, it’ll have to be done by the states. Florida is already leading the way: Floridians can now sue the tech biggies for up to $100,000 in damages if they’ve been banned or censored.

In America all public policy has always been subject to debate. Leftids always–yes, always–try to shut down the debate. And I don’t know what kind of government you’d call it, but I’d be ashamed to call it America.

Trying to Fix This

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I’ve been a long time on the phone with Jill today, trying to figure out what’s gone wrong with this blog and how to fix it. She thinks she has a way to solve the problem of readers not getting their notifications, and she’ll post it when she’s sure.

But she also suspects Facebook is shadow-banning me for certain content, and I think she may be right. Gonna have to go back to illustrating those posts with pictures of happy puppies. That might fool the algorithm into thinking the post is harmless.

Because we don’t need no stinkin’ free speech in America! How dare I suggest that the last election wasn’t kosher? How dare I snipe at The Regime’s COVID policies?

So it’s back to the happy puppies, and we’ll see if it works. I haven’t had to use them in several months–which may indicate that FB has been shadow-banning some of my posts.

We shall see–I hope.

Joe Collidge: Censored!

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Joe Collidge’s little essay didn’t make it onto the ol’ social media today.

“Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”

What bunk. No “people” had time to read it, let alone “report” it. As for being “abusive,” well, they routinely run content that I find very abusive.

Some robot spotted a key word or two and mindlessly–robots do not have minds, don’t let anybody tell you different–censored Joe’s post.

If any of you are on a social media platform where you can share this post, please feel free to do so. Because elsewhere, making fun of Bad Guy politicians just isn’t allowed.

Got Me Again!

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Ooh-ooh! I wrote something critical of a communist country! Well, we can’t have that, can we? So Facebook wouldn’t let me post it.

Is freedom, like, dissolving away before our very eyes?

Maybe I should apologize for saying communism’s bad. Nah. It’s worse than bad; and anyone who sticks up for it is a worm.

Now to see if the happy puppy can get me past the censors.

Censored Again!

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I didn’t know Facebook censored news. You know–those reports of things that have actually happened. But it seems they do, if it makes a Democrat look bad.

A few minutes ago I published a post about Hillary Clinton mocking America at a Venice art show. This is one of those things that really happened.

Facebook wouldn’t let me post it on our Facebook page because, they say, it was a “post that looks like spam.” I don’t see that all. Maybe some liberal out there can explain why no one should be allowed to know about this nooze. Go ahead; I dare you.

Wait’ll Facebook, Google, and the rest of Far Left Big Tech figure out they can help Democrats best by silencing every stupid or deranged statement that flops out of their mouths. We’ll never hear from them again.

OK, let’s see if the puppies can get me past the censor.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 29 (‘They’re Not Pretending Anymore’)

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Democrats and other liberals spent several generations pretending to be sane, moderate, reasonable, decent people. Now they’ve stopped pretending; now they’ve let the wolf run free. Why?

They’re Not Pretending Anymore

Have they simply gone too loony to turn back–or do they know something, or think they know it, that convinces them they don’t have to put on a show of sanity anymore?

And if you think all this transgender-open borders-Green New Deal stuff is even a little bit sane, you’re as daft as they are.

Maybe they have some reason to believe the whole country’s stripped its gears.

Censored Again

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Literally within seconds of my attempt to post it, Facebook censored my post, “NPC Satire Singes Democrat Doofus.” Here’s what they said–and I hope the picture of the happy puppies will enable me to slide this one past the Facebook censor.

“Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”

What “other people” even had time to view the post, much less report it as abusive?

Think I’d’ve gotten censored if I’d called Donald Trump a doofus? (Hint: no way!)

If any of you want to try sharing my doofus post on Facebook, please let me know if you succeed.

So Facebook’s Gonna Protect You from ‘Bullying’

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Facebook is planning to add a new feature to Instagram that’s supposed to protect users from “bullying” (https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/instagram-s-anti-bullying-feature-warns-users-if-they-re-n1027521).

Read the linked-to article carefully: betcha can’t find any definition of “bullying.”

All right, logic and reason are racist or something, I shouldn’t be using them–but what do these guys mean by “bullying”? I have heard from left-wing losers who say any dissent from their position constitutes “violence.” Not very rigorous in their use of language, are they?

So Facebook is going to make it possible to mute online “bullies,” whatever they are, without them knowing they’ve been muted.

Why do I suspect their definition of “bullying” would include, oh, supporting President Trump, making fun of Democrats, disagreeing that two parties of the same sex constitute a marriage, not buying into “transgender”… The list could go on all morning.

Complete the sentence and win a tin foil hat: “I trust the social media platform owners to be fair and honest because __________.”

Have You Been Censored? Banned?

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C’mon, guys, help me out!

Have you been censored in the social media? Banned, shadow-banned, or temporarily suspended? De-monetized?

I know some of you have, because you’ve said so. I’ve been assigned to write an article on this subject, and I need your first-hand experiences. I will protect your identities–I just need to know what happened and what it was like.

I can’t keep making this request without becoming tiresome, so this is my last call. If no one comes forward, I’ll have to write the article without this information; and it won’t be as good as it should have been.

One thing I am sure of. If we want to put a stop to this, first we have to get the rest of the country talking about it.