‘Do Libs Love America?’ (2016)

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It’s not in a liberal’s DNA to love his own country; he’s lucky if he can barely tolerate it. So American liberals detest America, British libs hate Britain, and so on.

Do Libs Love America?

With all their talk of “change,” they never make it quite clear what they want to change our country into. To find out, add up all the things they say they’re for and try to imagine the total. Try to imagine an America with open borders, jail for climate change skeptics, “heterosexuality isn’t working,” a 70% tax rate, “free college,” guaranteed income for people who choose not to work, and speech codes out the wazoo.

Now try to imagine Sherlock Holmes as a Mexican peasant…


4 comments on “‘Do Libs Love America?’ (2016)

  1. Very thought provoking! I love what America is founded upon (Declaration & Constitution); the Christian rule of law. I love how America is so generous to help other countries around the world in times of crisis (I am not big on foreign aid). I am proud of our winning WWII (although I wish FDR had let people know about the Holocaust, and would have let the “death ship” land here). But I don’t love America’s backslidden condition that has been taking place for the last 50 years. I am not a friend of the world but a lover of Christ’s Kingdom. May America one day be truly discipled to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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