‘Teacher’ Won’t Explain Why She Made Boy Wear Dress

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When I was in elementary school, it was not unusual for a “teacher” to humiliate a child in front of the class. It was a form of punishment. I don’t know if that’s what was going on here. No explanation is offered by the “teacher.”

In the background we can see a cross on the wall, indicating that this may be someone’s idea of a religious school. We are sorry to say that some of our supposedly Christian schools seem to be tainted with the same stupid wickedness that has consumed our public schools. (If it is a religious school, though, the teachers might not be unionized and it just might be possible to fire one. Worth a try, at least!)

Anyway, here’s a grandfather demanding to know why his grandson’s “teacher” made the boy wear a dress in class, two days in a row. And he can’t get an answer! “You have to talk to my director.” “I can’t talk to you, you’re not on the [unintelligible].”  She is unhappy that the frustrated man has raised his voice: she warns him not to do that “in front of my children.”

Whoa! Lady, these are not your children–and we would all like to know why you made a boy wear a dress. Is that something you learned in teachers’ college? And who gave you the right to stonewall the child’s grandfather? Does this have something to do with “fundamental transforming” of America? Maybe your fundament needs some transforming.

It’s getting so the only place where your children are safe is the family home–and that’s the best classroom, too.



What to Write, What to Write?

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Look at this: almost 4:00, and I’m still dremmeling, just can’t get into gear.

They’re giving votes to non-citizens. They’re trying to prevent any measures to safeguard the integrity of our elections. They want to stay in power. Forever.

One gets tired of all this. One grows weary. It’s like chasing down firebugs in a deserted mansion. You put out a fire in the sun room, and they start two more somewhere else. And they’ve got their faithful little noozies running after them, sniffing their butts and barking their approval.

They really don’t like our country, not a bit, they despise us, and they want to turn the whole place inside-out, turn it into something else. Probably with a lot of gender fluidity.

There must be some way out of this, if we can only find it.

Progs Stump for 4-Day Work Week

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The Congressional Progressive Caucus–a nice name for Far Left Crazies from Commieland–is pushing for a four-day work week (https://www.businessinsider.com/congress-progressives-back-bill-4-day-workweek-remote-work-2021-12). It’s supposed to “uplift workers” and “keep business booming.” It’s, like, “America’s re-think of work.”

Ooh-ooh, I know! How’s about we just let robots do all the work, and all the humans can, like, just lounge around playing video games and taking drugs? We could have a no-day work week!

Now, if people were working efficiently, a great many jobs could be done in less than the time allowed. But then these employees get suspected of slacking, cutting corners, and resented for making others look bad. So they join the crowd at the water cooler and talk about TV.

We maybe, possibly, could get by with a four-day week–if we had a work force noted for its efficiency, conscientiousness, and competence. Who wouldn’t enjoy an extra day of fishing?

But I don’t think we have that kind of work force. Do you?



Thinking About the Nooze

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I scan the nooze every day and practically wind up pounding my head against the wall, asking myself, again and again, “Why are they doing all this crazy schiff? What good does any of this do anybody? Are they all insane?”

What crazy stupid stuff? Oh, let’s just name a few… Critical Race Theory. Open borders. Vaccine goon squads going door to door. Transgender. Defund the police. Let all the armed robbers out of jail and put people in for using the wrong pronouns.

Stuff that leftids dance around the Maypole for–but which, in reality, have to the potential to kill any country that puts these follies into practice. Kill it dead.

It only makes sense if you grant that leftids purposely want and intend to wreck the country: to kill America. Then it makes sense. They’re doing it on purpose. This is war, and they do not intend for their opponents to survive it.

That would be us, boys and girls.

I don’t think we need to posit a Vast Conspiracy involving millions of individuals, not one of whom has ever spilled the beans. In a fallen world subject to Original Sin, there is not much that ordinary human evil, stupidity, delusion, and fecklessness can fail to achieve.

I’m starting not to care why they’re doing it.

I only want them stopped. Forever.

They Want Us to Hate Each Other

Do the Riots in Minneapolis Forebode Greater Civil Unrest for the US?

“Divide and rule.” It’s been on page one of the tyrants’ playbook for several thousand years. And it’s very much a part of the Democrat Party today.

What with the schools full to bursting with anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-normal “teaching,” our cities torn by riots, social media censorship, Hollywood mocking regular people, and so much more along these lines, it’s easy to lose track of the fact that this is being done on purpose, as part of a comprehensive politics that aims at taking over and “fundamentally transforming” the country.

In short, Democrats want us to hate and fear each other. They certainly don’t want us ever getting together to compare notes. “Well, look at that! We’re both getting screwed!”

No. They’re busy raising up boogie-men and then promising to protect us from them. “Oh, you poor helpless weak minorities! Only the Party can save you from White Supremacy!” Or whatever. Why people are willing to sit there and listen to fabulously wealthy white Democrats harangue them about “white privilege” and “systemic racism” is more than any sane person knows. Is it just because anything is better than listening to Maxine Waters?

They need us hating and fearing one another. That’s the whole point of identity politics. I get this because I’m black, you get that because you’re Hispanic, and Whitey gets to be the villain! Democrats need for there to be one Chief Villain to keep the assorted identity blocs from turning on one another and maybe even biting the hand that feeds them just enough to stay alive.

We have to try to resist the provocation, as hard as that may be. Hate and fear keep Democrats in power.

Work for their extinction.

It’s Ban Evry-Thing Weak at Collidge!!!

Censor Everything by ReaverDarkness on DeviantArt

Whel, whel, we has Cut “to” The Chace and our Stoodint Soviet we has voated To Ban Evry-thing heer “at” Collidge!!! Fore a hole weak, tooo!!

It Is “the” One Shure Whay “of” geting Ridd of Sistemmick Racism, yiu has got to Ban Evry-thing becose evry-Thing it Is Racist!!!! So strating rihght Nhow we “are” Baning Evry-thing–eeting, drink-ing, Goingto bed, geting up, Cloathes, noodity, tawking, Not Tawking, Frends, pryvit propperty, pubic propperty,, and aslo Enny-thing Else we “can” Thinck Of!!!!!!!!!!

This it Is hardar thann it loocks!!! Butt as our one Prefesser sayed,, This “heer it Is “the” Essints of Revvalusion!!”! This heer “it” Is the One Trooue whay of Fundamint Trans Fourmasion!!!!! And then we bannned her tooo!!!!

I addmit i hadded a Littal trubble “baning” my Self butt Afftir A Wile it becomed like Seckind Natcher to me!!!!

Ooops!! O schiff! i pubblished “this hear” Artycule befour i “cood” rememember to Ban It!!!!!

P,S.–I jist thinked of sumb-thing!!! How do “we” Ban banning??

Is What We’re Seeing… Real?

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I can’t go to all those places and talk to all those people. What I see of the world, I see mostly through the window of the media. And I already know that the nooze media are 100% invested in some bogus “narrative” and that they lie at the drop of a hat.

So is what we’re seeing through that window real, or is it an illusion created by the media for a political purpose by carefully selecting sound bites and images whose effect is to deceive us into buying into their narrative?

You would surely get the impression, trundling through the nooze today, that virtually everybody now recognizes that America’s a racist hell-hole, police are homicidal monsters, white people are evil and need to be brought down–and what’s more, now they know it, and admit it!–and that the slightest word of any race hustler is tantamount to holy write.

But is that a true impression? Is it what’s really happening, or only what the nooze media want us to believe is happening? Remember, noozies never tell the truth if they can help it. Truth burns their lips.

You’d think our country was right on the brink of being overthrown and replaced by a race-based brass-knuckled socialist ant-hill, with no police but plenty of Antifa–and furthermore, that almost everybody wants this!

Will someone please stand up and tell the truth?

‘Do Libs Love America?’ (2016)

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They said it; and they meant it.

If you believe American liberals love their country, you’ll believe anything.

You don’t impose radical changes on whatever it is you love.

Do Libs Love America?

At this very point in our history, it needs to be shouted from the housetops that our own home-grown Left is trying to do to us what Hitler and Tojo couldn’t do with all their armies and navies–and for the same reason.

We are in a fight to the death for our country and our way of life, and I don’t mean maybe.

Yesterday was D-Day, in case you hadn’t noticed.

God grant we didn’t wage that war in vain.

He’s Crazy

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Joe Biden wants to be president. That’s not news. But what if he were president?

Well, sez Joe, that would give him the opportunity to knock out Climate Change! And fundamentally transform America! And would you do that, he was asked, if it would cost American workers hundreds of thousands of jobs?

“The answer is yes,” he said (https://www.bizpacreview.com/2019/12/20/biden-admits-hes-willing-to-scrap-hundreds-of-thousands-of-blue-collar-jobs-for-greener-economy-866462). I can see the campaign slogan now: “Vote for me, and your job is history.” Yeah, chuckles–run on that.

But not to worry! Getting kicked out of their crummy blue-collar jobs, the Democrat presidential wannabe explained, will give all these poor sods “the opportunity to transition to high-paying jobs.” Bank president, rock star, oil sheik…

Uh… Why don’t they just “transition” to those high-paying jobs now, instead of waiting for some lunatic in the White House to destroy the industries in which they’re currently employed?

See, we gotta Transform Our Economy and Our Whole Way of Life to make it “greener”–as defined by the same Democrat Party that never saw a patch of ground they didn’t try to pave over. You think the Democrat Party is green? Come on over to New Jersey and take a look around; see what they’ve done to us.

Government never made any nation rich. But it has made many nations poor.

A Lot of Words for Saying Nothing

Image result for images of speaking blather

For the sake of kindness and the Christmas season, I’ve decided not to mention the name of the bank that has provided this towering example of pure blather. Rather than link to their page, I will just quote extensively from it. Besides which, this kind of nonsense is endemic in American business today.

Got your Blather Bingo cards ready? Let’s go!

“Our family-like culture brings teams together where colleagues collaborate and are empowered to make decisions. From day one, we have been driven always to do the right thing…” (I feel safer already, don’t you?)

“Our core values not only represent the foundation of our company, but guide us in everything we do…” (Funny–I thought religion was supposed to do that.)

“We empower employees to work together with partners in the community and internal fellow teammates…

“We promote sustainable growth…” Yatta-yatta.

All this stuff about “core values” that guide them through all of life–but no mention of what those “values” might be, exactly. We infer from the subheads that they may be Engagement, Quality, Innovation, Relevance and Sustainability.

Relevance? What are they talking about? Relevant to what? To whom? Or is this just a lot of tossed word salad?

Somehow bankers have taken it into their heads that they ought to sponsor homosexual “pride parades” and other exercises in culture collapse. It doesn’t have anything to do with being good stewards of their depositors’ money, does it? But their ranks are full of recent college graduates for whom PC blather is the mother tongue. And they’d like to play a part in some “fundamental transformation” of America into God knows what–and pray we never find out.

Defund the universities.

Break the teachers’ unions.

Stop this stuff before it stops our country.