Dogs React to Monsters from Outer Space

It’s obvious that the bulldog in this video, at least to some extent, understands what he’s seeing on TV. Something bad is happening, and he doesn’t like it!

I recognized the movie: it’s John Carpenter’s remake of The Thing. All right, the dog doesn’t understand it’s not real. But that goes for an awful lot of people, too. Both these dogs grasp the point that what they’re seeing on the screen is a long way from being kosher. They’re smart!

One comment on “Dogs React to Monsters from Outer Space”

  1. That’s both hilarious and endearing. They were going to warn that TV dog to the best of their ability. They obviously took it quite seriously. I have to turn the volume down when I play any videos with dogs barking or a certain feline will get disturbed, for the same reasons those dogs barked at the TV set.

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