‘My Faith Looks Up to Thee’

I had this hymn in my head for two days, but only the melody. What was it? I didn’t have the title or the words. It must be over 50 years since I’d heard it. But eventually my memory retrieved the first few words, and that was enough to help me find the rest:

My Faith Looks Up to Thee, sung by the Dallas Christian adult concern choir.

6 comments on “‘My Faith Looks Up to Thee’

  1. Thank you, this is one of our pastor’s favorites, so we get to sing it often.

    I would like to request prayer for one of our dear church brothers, Eddy, who is 89 and has been severely injured in a skid steer accident. He is a tough old farmer, and we are not ready to lose him, but he is having complications and is back in the critical care unit.

  2. This is a good oldie that I hadn’t heard for a long time Good to hear it again. I will be praying for your friend Eddy.

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