Cavalcade of Critters

This video will not help you decide who are crazier, cockatoos or raccoons. You will also be treated to boxing kangaroos and a large alligator with what looks like half of a smaller alligator in its jaws.

Welcome to a whole lot of animals behaving unpredictably.

4 comments on “Cavalcade of Critters

  1. Wow, those are some pretty amazing pictures. Banana eating dogs, hmmm. My son’s dog will eat anything she sees him eat, such as hot spicy chips. I can’t eat them, but she does.

  2. Lots of cute critters. As always, I am touched by the little boy that patted and comforted his rather huge pet rabbit. Kids & pets are the best thing ever. 🙂

    There was a Beagle pup that was learning early in life to stand up for himself, even when the other dog is 6x bigger. Good on ya, pup!

    I don’t know what was going on with the gator. I think it was a smaller, dead, gator it was carrying. I dunno why.

    The raccoon surprised me. WTH would it climb like that just to slide down again? Maybe it was playing.

    The cockatoo was definitely playing and I think it understood the concept of bowling quite well. I’m not sure if picking up standing pins with one’s beak and knocking them over is within the rules, but I’d bet my life saying that there’s no specific mention of beaks in the rules. 🙂

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