‘One of My Nightmares’ (2014)

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What–keep us in school for as long as we live? And never let us out? Aaaaagh–!

One of My Nightmares

It’s the start of a new school year, and millions of Christian parents have sent their children to anti-Christian public schools to be “taught” by unionized teachers who labor to turn our children against us. Then they send them to college to finish the job.

Know this: We have totally lost control over our schools: we have no say in who runs the schools, who teaches, or what is taught.

That has to change–if it’s not already too late.

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  1. In your original post, you ask: “Oh! But how can a society generate enough wealth to live on, if everybody’s still in school instead of working?” The answer is already starting to be implemented: Required “community service” credits. Or, as it used to be called, indentured servitude. Or slavery. After all, the people in power decide what kinds of work constitute “community service.”

    Innovation and incentive, of course, are a different story. Slavery seldom produces those.

    1. The gov’t in all forms now takes 50% of the money people earn when all the hidden taxes are factored in (every look at your phone bill?). The Dem candidates are talking about raising taxes to 70%. In the UK the estate tax is 75% – looks like that’s where we are headed if the Dems get in power like they did in 2012.

  2. I believe that it is too late. There is a rising attack on attempts to homeschool and schools outside of direct government control are being forced ever closer to the present “orthodoxy.” Of course, the idea ~ totally communist ~ is that the children belong to the State. Soon, I have no doubt, children will be removed from their parents and become residents in “public schools” designed to indoctrinate them as creatures of the State.

    1. God’s word cannot fail, and will not return to him void. If He had meant to resign the world that He created to the ungodly, the wicked, and the deranged, He would have told us so.

  3. Public education died years ago. It is now government education based on Humanism – man is the measure of all things. Think about how much education you really need to function in our society. If you can read well, and can do simple math you can learn almost anything you will need to make a living from books, the Internet, and the training you receive from your employer. If an entrepreneur, you study hard to learn what you need to know to launch your business, innovation, or your idea. True education comes down to character, and good character comes from the Holy Spirit (Rom 5). I.E., today’s educational system is a scam.

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