San Fran Labels NRA ‘Domestic Terrorists’

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This sign should’ve been put in front of San Francisco’s city hall.

Liberals in general are mighty careless with their use of language. That’s only because they’re such profoundly dishonest people. And none of them is more careless than the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Recently the board voted unanimously to label the National Rifle Assn. “a domestic terrorist organization” and called on all governments throughout the land to do the same (

Here I was, thinking “domestic terrorists” went around blowing up buildings and killing people, and couldn’t possibly describe an organization of several million law-abiding American citizens who don’t blow things up or kill people–an organization, in fact, to which my wife and I have belonged from time to time. We don’t have any guns, but we strongly support the Second Amendment. Could’ve knocked me over with a feather when I found out we’re domestic terrorists.

Yeah, this is the same board of dolts who’ve declared you can’t call felons “felons” anymore–you don’t want to hurt some poor armed robber’s feelings–and have let the sidewalks of their city pile up with human feces. It is incredible that these clowns have actually been elected to any public office, let alone one that involves the management of a major city. But this is what happens when Democrats have power.

Truth: Disarming the law-abiding citizens will not stop criminals–or psychotics–from obtaining guns illegally and using them to commit crimes. For the violence to be decreased, the culture has to be reformed. That’s another thing that Democrats won’t do. After all, they’re the ones who trashed the culture in the first place.

8 comments on “San Fran Labels NRA ‘Domestic Terrorists’

  1. Just reminds me again of the old cliché,” when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”” true, too. Terrorists couldn’t care less what
    the law says. If they did, there would be none.

  2. My late husband and I were members of the NRA for years, and this nonsense about them is ridiculous.

  3. San Francisco seceded from the United States a long time ago, and their Representative is the current Speaker of the U.S. House – it takes your breath away. The NRA dates back to Civil War times, teaching people how to safely use firearms. The Left hates them because they are pro-2nd Amendment, an Amendment the Left wants to do away with.

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