Cats Can Contain Themselves

You never know where your cat will turn up next–in a salad bowl, a kitchen appliance, the trash can, a tote bag, or a bucket. They are deeply drawn to anything that might resemble a container–

–Except for that expensive cat bed that you bought them.

3 comments on “Cats Can Contain Themselves

  1. It is like cats are saying “I Did it My Way”. As for the nice cat toys, the scratching posts, etc. nah, I’ll choose my own things, thank you. Then, they will come and jump inn your lap, roll over to have a belly rub, look
    in your eyes and purr and say thanks for the good food, keep it up and we can always be happy.

  2. They seem to have an incredible attraction to confined spaces. If you take a guitar out of its case in the pres nice of a cat, that cat WILL park itself inside the case.

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