The Stuff I Didn’t Cover This Week

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There were nooze stories I suppose I should’ve reported this week, but didn’t. I just couldn’t bear to write them up. Mutants and monsters are taking over our world, and it’s getting not only demoralizing, but downright scary.

Arlington, Virginia, school district goes whole-hog for transgender–starting in kindergarten.

Sixty-something woman serves as surrogate mother… for her son… so he can have a baby with his… oh, God, get us out of this… husband.

“Scholar” from Sweden says we ought to practice cannibalism. It’ll help stop Climate Change, dontcha know.

What this world needs, sez presidential wannabe Crazy Bernie Sanders, is a heckuva lot more abortions. It’ll help stop Climate Change, dontcha know.

David Hogg the steaming idiot is back. Discussing the Wounded Knee massacre, he says the victims were “predominantly men, women, and children.” His high school teachers should be humanely drowned.

And so on and so on. Our civilization’s in deep, deep trouble. Any civilization that can produce such an innumerable host of imbeciles has got to be in trouble. Can you imagine a country actually run by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her playmates? I wake up screaming.

All of this rot set in during my own lifetime. It happened right in front of me, and yet I don’t know know how it happened. Where was the Church? Where were our fathers? What were we doing, that we couldn’t spare the time to fight this?

Questions and questions… and the answers are in short supply.

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  1. David Hogg just couldn’t bring himself to describe the victims other than the men, women, and children — all those poor beetles, shrubs, and rocks. (Sob.)

    Seriously, Lee, I also want to ask where the churches were … but I’m afraid I know the answer. Those who should have been shepherding the faithful were instead being shepherded by the wolves.

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