Byron: ‘Where Is Everybody?’

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Oi! Where is everybody this morning?

Byron the Quokka here, mates–and I just stopped by to give you a friendly reminder, which is this.

The current ongoing comment contest is heading towards 50,000 comments on this blog, a major dinkum milestone, and there’ll be a special prize for the winner. We won’t tell you what the prize is until we’ve reached 49,000 comments–because we want to see the fur fly, once readers realize what a fantastic prize this is. We’re just a few hundred comments away from that.

Now I’m supposed to be running this thing, and it makes me look bad when there’s only one comment up so far today. A duck-billed platypus could do better than that!

12 comments on “Byron: ‘Where Is Everybody?’

  1. But a duck-billed platypus isn’t as cute as a quokka.

    (Well, okay, maybe to another duck-billed platypus it is.)

  2. I haven’t been here this morning because my son had to get up and leave for work this morning before the crack of dawn (up and 3:30 and gone at 5:00) which meant I needed to be up by 4 to get his carry out lunch ready. I tried going back to bed, but no sleep. Fap. I’ll try to wake up now and get with it.

    1. Actually, it sounds like my schedule, except I get up at 3:00am and leave the house at 4:45. 🙂 And then people wonder why I go to bed at 8:00pm….

      It’s not a “job” for me, though, it’s a volunteer thing. I open up my church at 5:00am and straighten up the pews, and then I stay for 7:00 Mass. So I have lots of good prayer time. Oh, and if you’re wondering why the church gets opened so early for a 7:00 Mass, we do have several people who come in to pray at 6:00 or even earlier. We used to have two regulars who came in shortly after I did — one of them once showed up so early that he was waiting for me as I pulled into the parking lot — but one of them retired so he no longer drops in before work, and the other’s job keeps him out of town most of the time now.

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